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» G-Watch

Rating: 5/5
Summary: G-Watch is a stop watch which supports GPS devices

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Apr 28, 2009
Found under: watch, stopwatch, gps, timer, clock, speed, altitude, distance

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» G-Watch Description
G-Watch is a stop watch which supports GPS devices

Updated to v0.6.4

G-Watch is a stop watch which supports GPS devices. It keeps track of your distance, speed and altitude. G-Watch is a tool which combines following features: stopwatch, countdown timer and geocaching.

You can use it as a simple timer in the kitchen or measure anything with as many stopwatches or countdown timers you want, using the most accurate timing technics available on Windows Mobile.

Here is a more detailed list of all features of G-Watch:

* Supported devices: all devices with Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 (with touchscreen only!)
* Multilanguages.
* Create unlimited stopwatches which can measure time, keep track of your position, speed and distance using a GPS device (built-in, wired or bluetooth).
* Start unlimited countdown timers which remind you by playing a sound file or vibrate.
* Do some geocaching by specifying unlimited coordinates, G-Watch informs you about the distance to your target and displays a compass to help you hunting your treasures.
* Personalize G-Watch to your needs: you can use metric or imperial units, auto-split after a specified time, distance or after each lap based on your GPS position, and much more.
* G-Watch offers a smooth graphical interface which is easily accessible without a stylus and fast.
* Look at the screenshots to see all pages you'll find in G-Watch.

Download skins for G-Watch here. More screenshots here.

Update Description:

v0.6.4 (16-04-2009): - [FIXED] Some GPS related bugs.
- [FIXED] G-Watch disables Bluetooth if it was enabled by G-Watch.

v0.6.3 (15-04-2009):
- [FIXED] Geocaching: direction isn't displayed correctly.
- [FIXED] Stopwatch: no speed/distance measured under some circumstances.
- [ADDED] CSV export: distance.
- [ADDED] Countdown: last used time settings will be used for following countdown timers.
- [FIXED] Some other bugs.
- [UPDATED] Languages: Japanese, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Czech, Finnish.
- [ADDED] Language: Italian.

v0.6.2 (21-03-2009):
- [FIXED] Several bugs.
- [FIXED] Wrong calculated speed.
- [ADDED] Geocaching: delete coordinate.
- [ADDED] Geocaching: current position will be used for new coordinates.
- [ADDED] Option: save your geocaching coordinates for later use.
- [UPDATED] Languages: English, German, Portuguese, Finnish, French.
- [ADDED] Language: Hebrew.

v0.6.1 (20-03-2009):
- [FIXED] Less memory consumption on startup.
- [ADDED] Option: Play a sound file when countdown reaches 0.
- [UPDATED] Consistent format for longitude and latitude.
- [UPDATED] Geocaching: you can now enter coordinates using following formats: Decimal (12.34566 -54.3211); Degrees and minutes (N 12 20.740 W 054 19.266); Degrees, minutes and seconds (N 12 20' 44.3760" W 54 19' 15.9600").
- [UPDATED] Language: French.

v0.6 (20-03-2009):
- [ADDED] New GUI.
- [ADDED] Define unlimited stopwatches.
- [ADDED] Define unlimited countdown timers.
- [ADDED] Stopwatch: automatic split after each round.
- [ADDED] Option: animations.
- [ADDED] Geocaching.
- [UPDATED] Sound player engine.
- [UPDATED] G-Watch works when your device is in standby mode.
- [UPDATED] Icon -> restart required.
- [FIXED] Uncountable bugs.
- [ADDED] Languages: Bulgarian, Finnish, Romanian, Japanese, Czech, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Taiwanese, Swedish, Turkish.

v0.5.1 (28-10-2008):
- [FIXED] Auto-split bug.

v0.5 (26-10-2008):
- [ADDED] Support for Bluetooth GPS devices.
- [ADDED] Big compass and speed/distance/time view by clicking anywhere on the main screen (except the buttons of course).
- [ADDED] Support for hardware buttons.
- [FIXED] Bug with exporting imperial units.
- [FIXED] Small bugfixes & more stability.

0.4.3 (2008/10/19)
* [FIXED] Countdown timer bug
* [FIXED] Some small skin issues

0.4.2 (2008/10/19)
* [ADDED] Support for skins! Send me your skins
* [FIXED] Some minor GPS status display issues

0.4.1 (2008/10/19)
* [FIXED] Positioning bug on western longitude and southern latitude

0.4 (2008/10/18)
* [ADDED] GPS support for Windows managed GPS devices
* [ADDED] Alternative NMEA GPS support
* [ADDED] Lots of skin improvements
* [ADDED] Option: Vibrate on click
* [FIXED] Bug when exporting .kml files

v0.3 (17-10-2008):
- [ADDED] Countdown timer.
- [ADDED] Option: keep backlight always on.
- [ADDED] Option: display lap time as the main time instead of the cumulative time.
- [ADDED] Export your sessions as csv, kml or gpx.
- [ADDED] Possibility to rename or delete a session.

v0.2.2 (17-10-2008):
- [UPDATED] Some GPS related bugs...

v0.2.1 (16-10-2008):
- [ADDED] Battery status is displayed.
- [ADDED] Sessions are saved now (you can't display or export them yet - stay tuned!).
- [ADDED] Automatic split after a specific time/distance.
- [ADDED] Reset / Resume of timers.
- [UPDATED] Complete new GUI (Many thanks to expo7).
- [UPDATED] Improved GPS support.
- [UPDATED] Better timing.
- [UPDATED] Icon (restart your device to see it).

v0.1.2 (14-10-2008):
- [ADDED] Bigger icons.
- [ADDED] Button to turn off the display for battery saving.
- [ADDED] Option: metric or angloamerican units.
- [UPDATED] Improved GPS support.

v0.1.1 (14-10-2008):
- [ADDED] Cumulative split time is displayed under the time of the current lap.
- [ADDED] You can resume the session you have stopped.
- [FIXED] Some small bugs.

v0.1 (14-10-2008):
- First release.

the G-Watch free for Pocket PC

Made by: ageye

» Comments

Sun-26-Dec at 11:08 pm
Joel wrote...
Works fine on HD2-6.5
Sat-4-Dec at 6:39 am
geramoni wrote...
don't work on HTC HD2 WM 6.5.
Fri-5-Nov at 8:49 am
Kenneth Harris wrote...
I use this watch while training my clients. I love it.
Sat-14-Aug at 10:01 pm
mobilefernandez wrote...
thank you, been looking for this
Mon-7-Jun at 8:58 am
Anders SW wrote...
Perfect outfit
Sat-22-May at 3:25 am
serwei wrote...
nullreference at acontrol.abutton.cache on startup.
Fri-30-Apr at 10:38 pm
Waldo Sanchez wrote...
awesome. exactly what i was looking foron my hd2.
Fri-30-Apr at 9:59 pm
alexandro perez wrote...
works great with Hd2.
Mon-12-Apr at 4:34 pm
tomparrish wrote...
sorry im new to this world. lol this app is great, all I would add is on the gps when you are running have the mph in a much bigger text. otherwise every thing looks great. thank you very much for making it.
Mon-12-Apr at 4:26 pm
tomparrish wrote...

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