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» GanttScheduler

Rating: 4/5
Summary: View Task and Appointment together. Can long-span time management yourself easily. Both of GanttChart style view and Calendar style view available.

Arrived: Sep 6, 2011
Found under: productivity, organize, calendar, pim, task, organize

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» GanttScheduler Description
View Task and Appointment together. Can long-span time management yourself easily. It use pim(POOM) data. Can use another pim software together. You can operate with button or touch-pen. So you can operate with one hand. So you can use another pim software together. Certainly,you can display Task and Appointment on TODAY View. It view with no month break. You can view one or more week after Appointment at near end of month. If you change display direction (length and breadth), view change properly. You can operate with button or touch-pen. So you can operate with one hand. [function] With Tap and Drag , you can add new Task and Appointment, move day and time of Task and Appointment, stretch Appointment time span. (for miss Tap,need keep Tap one second. If you tap 15min area from edge of Appointment, start stretch mode) If there isn't stylus pen, you can operate Task and Appoint from main menu.You can copy,cut,paste Task and Appointment. Context-menu available (with long tap). If you have frequently Appointment Title or Place, please register them. ex) meeting, room A, room B It make easy to add new Task and Appointment. You can register Rest-day Category, All day and belong Rest-day Category treat as Holiday. It's available for paid holiday. Also you can register Memorial Category like as Rest-day Category. It's available for Birthday and wedding-day. The day draw special color which set up. You can move a day which display detail with cursor key. Exception of Recursion Appointment available. ex) This meeting hold every Wednesday , but next week will hold Tuesday. And Can cancel exception Appointment (maybe ordinary software don't have this function). ex) After next week meeting changed to Tuesday, re-change to ordinary. You can register show / hide Category. You can register color of rest day, holiday, memorial day and week of day. it work on QVGA screen size. and this sofuware has many other functions. Please download and read manual(is install folder).

the GanttScheduler free for Pocket PC

Made by: tanakacde

» Comments

Thu-6-May at 6:29 am
Kitaana wrote...
this likeawesome program -exactly what I've been looking for; I've downloaded 3 times from 3 different sites and each time I get strange characters and upside down letters Anybody any solution would much appreciated. Thanks Cat
Sun-28-Mar at 2:58 am
KIMWUK wrote...
Best matched with fine resolution dispaly
Sat-9-Jan at 8:02 am
Frank wrote...
A great program. very nice and usefull. @Patrick: it is very simpel to install. First I made 2 directories. one is the program, the other one in documents. it is working perfectly.
Tue-29-Dec at 12:34 pm
Bob wrote...
Is there a way to change from 24 hour to AM - PM. Thanks
Sun-27-Dec at 11:10 am
Eiji Tanaka wrote...
Hello,qanda and cielleaudio. I'm Author. You seems have a trouble at font. Please change font size and font name. You can change them from [MENU => Tool => Charactor Set] Thanks and best regards.
Sat-26-Dec at 5:15 pm
cielleaudio wrote...
Christopher: I solved the problem just downloading new font from "pocketpcfreeware".
Sat-26-Dec at 4:29 pm
cielleaudio wrote...
The same of Christopher: only sign, no text. Htc tytn II, windows 6.1.
Sat-26-Dec at 9:15 am
qanda wrote...
App looks very good but I found printing was way too small for me to be of use. No way to zoom it. I use the HTC Touch Vogue (6900)
Fri-25-Dec at 9:12 pm
qanda wrote...
CHRISTOPHER, I just used the link provided here and it downloaded just fine.
Fri-25-Dec at 8:53 pm
Christopher wrote...
I tried to download your software GanttScheduler v2.0 on both occasions from freewarepocketpc and your site, silver box software, but am not successful. What comes out is garbage, with just text and signs. Please assist. Thanks

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