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» GasMate RC

Rating: 4/5
Summary: GasMate is a Windows Mobile application written in C# that uses a SqlCe database to track your gas mileage. Every time you fill up, enter in a new ODO reading, and it will be automatically calculated. You can also track maintenance.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6 , 6.1 (NO SMARTPHONES) CF3.5 SqlCe 3.5 VGA and QVGA

Arrived: Aug 11, 2009
Found under: Misc, Reference, gas, mpg, mileage, miles per gallon, gasmate, car, database

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» GasMate RC Description

*Update 8/7/09 RELEASE CANDIDATE .42b*

This is just a quick bugfix for those of you with square screens. Ed Thompson found the bug where square screens were not displaying correctly. I had set anchors when I shouldn’t have, and it should now be fixed. In doing this, I also fixed the landscape(rotation) bug. Once you have GasMate installed, you can go to the "About" page and enable automatic updates. This requires a data connection.

.Net CF 3.5



This is a bugfix version with a few features added: * Decimal separator is now pulled from localization info * Dollar sign($) is also pulled from localization info * Last gas type used is remembered * Added an extra digit to gals and price * CAB file is now compressed to make it smaller, I will work on the EXE’s next


Its been a little while since I have done a significant update. I managed to fix the maintenance bug (I hope) for real this time. You will also notice that you *should* be able to use just your fingers to enter in new readings(tap the numbers). I have the ODO reading automatically brought into the numbers but not the others, since they will go up and down with time. I could change this later on. Check the screenshots......


You will need to have followed the upgrade instructions for .26 already to make the DB change. As always, .Net 3.5 and SQLCE are required.

GasMate is a Windows Mobile application written in C# that uses a SqlCe database to track your gas mileage. Every time you fill up, enter in a new ODO reading, and it will be automatically calculated. It also allows you to track car maintenance and warn you when you need to get an oil change, rotate your tires, change the air filter...etc. In the custom tab you can add new gas types and maintenance types. In the settings tab are settings for maintenance and formatting along with the import/export. This is still what I would call "beta" since not all the features are done yet.....however I will release a "normal" release very soon once everything is finished. Support for multiple cars is in mind once the main features are set.

You will need the .NET 3.5


the GasMate RC free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sat-19-Mar at 2:36 am
josh harvey wrote...
is npt working on htc hd2
Mon-10-Jan at 6:46 pm
michael wrote...
Does not work with HD2
Thu-7-Oct at 6:29 am
gerhard wrote...
also error on HTC TYTN II WM 6.1. how to reqtify?
Thu-8-Apr at 5:50 pm
rob wrote...
Great app, ive been using it for 3years now. I love seeing the difference an oil change or tune up makes on my old worn out truck. I regulary try out differnt fuel cleaners and can actually see if they work or not. The improvement i would like on this app are nicer graphics and a graph of mileage and fuel price
Fri-22-Jan at 5:54 am
dergago wrote...
Kommt leider gleich beim Start ein Fehler auf meinen HTC Touch HD mit WM6.5.3 (23518)
Wed-13-Jan at 11:04 pm
Mike wrote...
Doesn't work on my WM 6.1 Unexpected error.
Tue-5-Jan at 10:29 am
rgrenfell wrote...
This does work in Win 6.5, I was able to install it onto my HTC Tilt 2. I did run into the [cost] exception because I was upgrading from 2.5 beta however. It turns out that the maintenance database is missing the cost column and the application doesn't auto-add the column if it was missing. If you have access to MS SQL Server Management Studio, you can open the database on your phone and add the column cost (nvarchar(10),null) After that is added, the app should run correctly.
Tue-1-Sep at 4:17 am
diamond wrote...
Perhaps you can also build how much km per liter i drive. And how much driving 1 km costs me. But that aside it's a killer app!
Wed-19-Aug at 2:26 pm
purple wrote...
thanks for program
Fri-14-Aug at 1:59 pm
mrlenny wrote...
Finally got it working! reinstalled SQLCE and then installed gasmate again. Thanks for the program!!!

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