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» Gaxian Tri Ball for Pocket PC Demo 1.01

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Summary: A game out of this world, the Gaxian Tri Ball. Control the Tri Ball with Magnets and Timers and try to nest it onto the Target Rings.


Arrived: Jun 3, 2004
Found under: Board, Puzzle, Strategy

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» Gaxian Tri Ball for Pocket PC Demo 1.01 Description

Gaxian Tri Ball

  • The product has passed Microsoft's Designed for Windows Mobile(tm) Software for Pocket PC certification
  • Supports all PocketPC devices (ARM/XSCALE/MIPS/SH3)
  • Desktop Auto-installer included

The Gaxian Tri Ball

Tri Ball is a system of three magnetic balls, connected together with elastic strings. Each string can have a different elasticity that gives a variety of possible Tri Ball systems, each with a unique behavior.


The Tri Ball is controlled by two outer magnets that can be moved around the table. Each magnet, when activated, attracts a ball of the matching color. Magnet timers are used to set when each magnet will be activated and for how long it will remain active for every shot.

The aim is to nest the Tri Ball into the target rings using least possible shots. The Tri Ball is nested when all three of its balls are firmly placed on the target rings of the matching colors.

Tri Ball Challenge

9 levels to go, each level consisting of 9 rounds. The number of allowed shots to nest the Tri Ball decreases with every round. If you complete the task within the number of shots allowed, unused shots are added to your score. Failure to complete a round brings a penalty that also varies for each round. Perfect playing will yield 9 points in each round.
Completing all 9 rounds will unlock the next level, with a different Tri Ball and an increasing difficulty.
Global score is calculated by summing up individual scores of all levels. The maximum possible global score is 729 and it is extremely difficult to achieve.

9 alien opponents to defeat. To beat an opponent, you must win three games before the alien does. A game is played until one of the players wins five rounds.

Two player game
The same as in tournament mode, a game is won by the first player to win five rounds. The number of games is not limited.

the Gaxian Tri Ball for Pocket PC Demo 1.01 free for Pocket PC

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