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» GController

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Tilt your phone to simulate key presses with this g-sensor app

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Oct 4, 2008
Found under: gsensor, control, keys, simulate, diamond, accelerometer

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» GController Description
GController program that simulates key presses when you tilt the device

GController program that simulates key presses when you tilt the device


This is a little application that will simulate key presses (on the D-pad) or scroll while you tilt your device. It will soon be usable in many games (e.g. racing games where it isn't really great to use the D-Pad). It is actually usable with a lot of desktop-softwares, like Manila, etc...

The application is at its very first beta release now and so you WILL encouter bugs and IT WONT be stable so try it if you want to but don't wine, instead post constructive suggestions, please.

Here is some explanations about the control panel:

Application name: This is where you introduce the application's name (the one which appears on the top of the window)
Tilt key: Which key the software simulates when you tilt your device to the left. The tilt side never changes, even if you rotate your device. It is based on when you hold your device in portrait mode flat down.
Tilt sensivity: this is a number (between 0 and 100) setting the tilting minimal for the action to be sent. The more you're close to 0, the more sensitive it will be. If you set it to 100, it will never trigger.
Interval: the interval at which keys are pressed. This means that if you set it too low, while tilting your device, a lot of keys will be sent. It is calculated in milliseconds. So if you set it to 1000, when you tilt your device, it will simulate 1 press per second, per key. Setting it low enough is useful for games, for example.

Video Preview of GController

the GController free for Pocket PC

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