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» GCzII-Tools

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: A helper app for geocaching with lots of tools for improvements GCzII

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Oct 5, 2009
Found under: ps, geocaching, location, sharing, cache, seek, monitor, tools, email, share

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» GCzII-Tools Description
GCzII-Tools lets you email your cache lists or manually selected geocaches to your geocaching Tour Partners, or you can inform friends about found Geocaches with all necessary informationís very easy.

Manage your Cache Lists with GCzII and than generate an email with GCzII-Tools You can email your planned cache list to your Office or Home PC and check this Tour or Print a listing of that tour

GCzII Tools uses the build in Pocket Outlook

GCzII-Tools is build for creating more functions which not in GCzII build in. if you have wishes for functions which Tom donít like to build in then give me a message.

- now with AppToDate support (for devices with TOUCHSCREEN only)
- now you can view your track (recorded at a geocaching tour) on the device with google maps
- you can easy email this tracks to your office pc/home pc and/or to your friends and view the tracks with Google Earth or put them to your Google Maps Website
- open folders , you can open all GCzII folders

GCzII-Tools Screenshots

A helper app with lots of tools for GCzII

the GCzII-Tools free for Pocket PC

Made by: Schiefersoft

» Comments

Sun-26-Sep at 11:56 pm
luke wrote...
Wed-15-Sep at 3:18 pm
damien wrote...
Fri-10-Sep at 2:02 pm
Paienne wrote...
I had the same problems. After I download version all problems are solved! Great working! greetz Paienne.
Fri-30-Jul at 7:10 am
TinTin wrote...
I like the tool BUT when I search for caches nearby I get a nice list but when I select one to open the open the cache-page I get the error 'Can not open cache'. I have the tools installed as well. What can it be? Is it something with my phone (Acer F900 with WM 6.1)?
Sun-6-Jun at 4:11 am
Joop wrote...
Nice, supertool
Thu-8-Oct at 1:34 am
Steve wrote...
i think thats a good add for GCzII (the best GeoCaching Software in the world) this adds some usefull functions: -GEO TAG PHOTOS !!! -send them as KMZ File!! -email tourdates (GC Tours with all caches) to your geocaching partner in preparation of the tour -view (or email) your taken tour as a track file and more thanks to schiefersoft for that good work!
Wed-7-Oct at 5:52 pm
Pete wrote...
Tried it (as I us GCz_II), but I can't see that it adds anything useful.
Mon-5-Oct at 4:12 pm
Shmaic wrote...
what the f the listing for the soft? I've been using gcz for ages and this is like a joke for me:)

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