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» Goomeo

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Goomeo is real life sharing software that use a new p2p technology based on Wi-fi. Available in French and English. Update v1.01 - bugs fix and new features

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5
Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Mar 6, 2010
Found under: gps, wifi, tools, share, twitter, facebook, social

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» Goomeo Description
Goomeo automatically detects other mobiles around you and lets you transfer files (unlimited size), contacts or send each other text or voice messages from mobile to mobile Wi-Fi.

In addition it lets you interact with your friends on your social networks (twitter, facebook) by sending your status or your location.

Bugs fix:
- Gps device shutdown
- Push to Facebook
(if you update directly Goomeo, please go to your account and activate it from settings)
- Text translation
- Add some Message Box
- Now you can invite your friends in your contact list.

the Goomeo free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sun-30-May at 7:34 pm
rudi wrote...
deaktiviert das wifi und funktioniert nicht auf hp data messenger
Sat-1-May at 3:13 pm
xzaloox wrote...
doesn't work.error when staying. phone att tilt 2(energy rom)
Tue-30-Mar at 5:38 am
delaFuzz wrote...
EXCELLENT! The latest update works now perfectly on my HP iPaq 904c - using Nyditot Virtual Display as landscape mode seems not to be supported. I wish you lots of luck on this enterprise, this is surely one of the most promising ways of distributing content without the current limitations proposed by governments / providers. Thanks a lot!
Mon-15-Mar at 4:55 am
zorgan wrote...
@Noonsa account is needed for your feed on
Mon-15-Mar at 2:58 am
Noonsa wrote...
Creating an account is necessary although there is no need logicaly. It's up to you to give personnal infos like Twitter or Facebook accounts, or to be part of fishing lists... Moreover, WiFi doesn't turn off when quiting (HD2).
Mon-8-Mar at 2:22 am
zorgan wrote...
@dman it's normal! Goomeo use wifi to create a spontaneous network between mobile so you can't access internet with wifi when Goomeo is running. But you can access internet with 3g.
Sat-6-Mar at 3:47 pm
Dman wrote...
rubbish app! tried it on omnia i900, it requires internet and yet it deactivates wifi!! whats that!!?
Sat-6-Mar at 7:13 am
martinrezi wrote...
O2 internet
Thu-11-Feb at 5:12 am
zorgan wrote...
new features and bug fix come soon
Wed-3-Feb at 1:51 pm
zorgan wrote...
@pndragon you need to register to create a unique account on the web site for your feed. for example the feed look like this: the we is still in alpha and more features will come very soon.

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