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» GPS Cycle Computer v3

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: GPS tracking made easy, export to KML and GPX files.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
Found under: GPS, track, cycle, run, walk

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» GPS Cycle Computer v3 Description
GPS Cycle Computer v3 logs GPS data into a binary file (so a lot of data can be stored in a compact form), which can be loaded back for viewing, or saved into .kml / .gpx file to view in e.g. Google Earth. With the latest version of Google Maps, you can view KML files on your phone. Just click on a kml file in file explorer. If you need a cycling app for Android dont hesitate to check out the latest cycling apps and the best of all time.

- excellent design by expo7! And you can set your custom background and button images;
- can select GPS run interval: from "always on" to "run every 10 min" - this is useful if you want to reduce battery power usage;
- has usual cycle computer display: time, distance, speed (current, average, max) plus a graph of your track.

For more information please follow this forum post

the GPS Cycle Computer v3 free for Pocket PC

Made by: AndyZap

» Comments

Tue-22-Jun at 7:00 am
LCD Touch Screen OEM wrote...
Hey Dude, I just caught wind of this you published. Really it's a good stuff for those who are looking for Buying Art. I would like to tweet on it and keep my eye behind at every moment you blogging.
Sat-24-Oct at 4:25 am
Ruben wrote...
Does this program work if you do not have a data connection from your carrier, but instead you have say Garmin xt. I would like to find a program that works without paying monthly data plan.
Mon-28-Sep at 6:32 pm
Lyle wrote...
I have used this program for a week and it works great, a real motivator to be able to go back and see all the area we have covered.
Fri-5-Jun at 9:03 am
Tony wrote...
Not working on Blackjack 2. Throws an NotSupportedException in the Form constructor
Sat-16-May at 8:03 am
guest wrote...
works fine on HTC Touch HD
Tue-21-Apr at 10:03 am
Sofrits2 wrote...
Works great on my Diamond. I've been using it to make my own topo maps. GPS is on com4.
Sun-15-Mar at 1:47 pm
mike magee wrote...
needs more info on screen: Heart rate (% max, Zone alarms, 5 zones-like most hr monitors), and cadence. This could become a dashboard for cycling instead of having 3 different units strapped to handlebars: cycle comp., hr monitor, gps. please upgrade for these features.
Sat-14-Mar at 11:37 pm
Dean Hester wrote...
Download version 3.9 off the google website and now it works on the tytn ii. Thanks Great App!
Sat-14-Mar at 11:30 pm
Dean Hester wrote...
Only part of the screen visible on TYTN II. Could you update it?
Wed-11-Mar at 11:47 pm
Dirk wrote...
I just installed on my HTC Touch Diamond but doesn't work. "No GPS" message. What are the settings I need to use? COM1,COM2,....? Baud rate? Thanks

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