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» GPS Location

Rating: 5/5
Summary: This application finds your location via GPS (provided you have a internal or external GPS).

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Aug 27, 2009
Found under: GPS, location, send, email, sms, note, share, find

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» GPS Location Description
This application finds your location via GPS (provided you have a internal or external GPS).

Then you have the option to:

1. Send an SMS
2. Send an Email
3. Create a Note
4. Send to Clipboard

your location as just plain coordinates (40.089821,22.567634) (can be copied to search field) or better as a Google Maps Link

The persons who receives your SMS or Email can click on the google maps link and they will directly see your location on google maps.
You can use Pocket Outlook or Flexmail as your email sending app. You can choose the account that will be used and you can a default recipient.
When sending the email you will be prompted to add a recipient. The default recipient you have set up will be proposed. You can change it or browse through your contacts to choose another email.

You can keep an note with your current location and add your own notes. Date and time automatically added in the note.
You can copy the location to the clipboard and paste it anywhere you want or you can just phone someone and tell him your location.

So if you're still on vacation why not send your location to your friends!!!

GPS Location Screenshots

This application finds your location via GPS (provided you have a internal or external GPS). This application finds your location via GPS (provided you have a internal or external GPS).

GPS Location Video Preview

the GPS Location free for Pocket PC

Made by: highway

» Comments

Thu-30-Sep at 9:56 am
Javi wrote...
Does anybody know if it is valid for Samsung Omnia II?? I have walked with it connected more than 20 minutes and I could not get either Latitude or Longitude. I configured it in COM 7, which is the Internal GPS serial port. Thanks in advance
Wed-8-Sep at 7:40 pm
Nelson wrote...
Thatís an interesting application but with some problems. Very big variation in the last two digits and the longitude appears with a minus sign where it should be positive.With htc devices try com 9. Regards.
Sat-21-Aug at 10:11 pm
kesavareddy wrote...
Thu-19-Aug at 10:18 am
RiKo wrote...
I like the anti-drain (dis)connect of GPS idea: I don't need an extensive track! But it would be nice if I could assemble the points to a GPX / KML file
Fri-21-May at 1:13 pm
rgggg ghhh vhh wrote...
ghjjn gyh gv yvhhb
Tue-18-May at 1:14 pm
tecles wrote...
Una buena aplicacion
Tue-16-Mar at 11:11 am
Artur wrote...
Excellent application! For all the people who are having trouble getting the app. to get a gps fix change the "gps connection type" in the application options to "Microsoft Intermediate gps driver"
Sun-3-Jan at 2:46 am
Andrew wrote...
I had to remove the program. It kept telling me that it could not connect to serial port 4.
Sat-2-Jan at 7:28 am
Jan Rixen wrote...
Unfortunately it does not work on my HTC TC2. Other GPS programs work well. I have it on com4, 4800 baud. Any suggestions to make it work?
Fri-13-Nov at 3:46 pm
Nick wrote...
Works great on my HTC TP2. It would be nice if the coordinates could be posted automatically to social networking sites but it's a great tool for notifying friends/family of your exact location in realtime.

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