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» GPS Speedo

Rating: 4/5
Summary: this freeware application turns your gps and pocket pc into an easy to read speedometer for the car, boat, bike or whatever!

Windows Mobile 5 / 6
ARM processor

Arrived: Apr 24, 2008
Found under: GPS, speed, meter, speedometer

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» GPS Speedo Description
GPS Speedo turns your gps and pocket pc into an easy to read speedometer for the car, boat, bike or whatever! The application is small in size so there are no fancy features. the speed readout can be set to knots, kilometers or miles per hour. the text and background colours can be changed to suit day or night time applications.

the GPS Speedo free for Pocket PC

Made by: tchart development

» Comments

Tue-14-Sep at 3:17 am
jonny wrote...
touch diamond have com 3, but it doesnt work, dont show me the speed,, just stay zero:S
Sun-5-Sep at 5:37 am
shariff wrote...
good software
Mon-30-Aug at 8:38 am
LT Olsen wrote...
ok cool app
Wed-18-Aug at 6:27 pm
anonymous wrote...
i havent been able to get this to work on my samsung epix. I think the com port/baud rate is set wrong, does anyone know what these should be set to for the epix.
Fri-23-Jul at 5:06 am
ROOTHAER Hugues wrote...
Bonjour, J'ai un HTC Legend sur lequel j'ai installé GPS SPEEDO. Je n'arrive pas à utiliser cette application en étant à l'extérieur d'un batiment. A priori, il semble que que la localisation GPS ne fonctionne pas sur cette application alors qu'elle fonctionne sur d'autres fonction comme la navigation GPS.Comme message d'erreur sur SPEEDO, il s'affiche : GPS indisponible et localisation indisponible. Avez vous le moyen de solutionner ce problème ? Merci d'avance.
Sun-29-Nov at 9:34 am
Terry Neely wrote...
!!WARNING DANGER!! This program sends data over the internet every time it is started. There is no legitimate reason for this. It does not work on my Samsung Epix. You have to enter the com port on every start.
Thu-24-Sep at 2:28 pm
RicHard-59 wrote...
First program for my Photonav that found satellites. Thanks. The new version unfortunately needs newer .net witch I cannot load to navigator
Sun-26-Jul at 3:41 pm
Professor-Botje wrote...
Works great on my Xperia X1, better then the next version, Speedometer. this app don't crachess, the newer version sometimes do. I just needed to set de comport to com4.
Sun-19-Jul at 7:26 pm
Ertje wrote...
Its a trial version, GPS disconnects after 10 minutes, FAIL
Sat-21-Mar at 7:16 pm
Dutch wrote...
Please make the mirrored screen of that app then we can use it like head-up display in car. Thanxs!

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