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» GRemote

Rating: 5/5
Summary: Use your phone with g-sensor to control your PC plus many other features like Touchpad and Keyboard !

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NetCF 3.5

Arrived: May 13, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Multimedia, Remote Control, remote, control, mouse, media, keyboard, wifi, bluetooth, gsensor, accelerometer, gremote, joystick

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» GRemote Description
Updated to v0.5.2
This version should work on all devices with VGA, QVGA, WVGA and WQVGA display.

GRemote is an applications for controlling your Windows desktop PC with your Windows Mobile device !
So you can control mouse remotely including scroll wheel, remote keybord, laptop like Touchpad and many other !

What we have now?

Do you want more?

There is a GRemote Pro version with much more futures. Please try DEMO version and purchase if you like it.

the GRemote free for Pocket PC

Made by: marbalon

» Comments

Mon-14-May at 2:32 am
Gabor Nemeth wrote...
I cant add profile. Its dont save it.
Tue-16-Aug at 4:20 am
Juan Arbona wrote... do u make profile.hit find for the ip and nothing..suks..
Sat-12-Mar at 5:16 pm
harrie0852 wrote...
Mon-28-Feb at 7:26 am
Aramos wrote...
I haven't a profile!! I wanted to get one but it doesn't work!!
Sun-19-Dec at 9:28 am
Brandon Andrew Gomez wrote...
Is there any way to get past the fact my laptop uses the routers ip.
Thu-18-Nov at 4:35 am
amber2001 wrote...
its looks gr8 but hw can i fouwmd ip nf my laptop@ nd wot wilb its pasword
Mon-8-Nov at 4:59 pm
tom sutton wrote...
Works awesome on windows 6.5, need to update .net framework and reboot... it also controls spotify which is damn awesome...
Fri-8-Oct at 1:34 am
meds wrote...
how it work?? i nee internet?? hd2
Wed-22-Sep at 8:44 am
Jeroen wrote...
Worked great! But now, and I'm sure that the ip adress is right, it keep saying: time out. Even if I let the program find the connection.
Tue-14-Sep at 6:38 pm
Pavel s wrote...
luis timeout is usualy coz ip ares is wrong or ur firewall is blocking the port u running the connection p ps good luck

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