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» GSlide

Rating: 4/5
Summary: GSlide is a simple yet versatile file explorer with a thumb friendly kinetic slider interface.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Oct 8, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, finger friendly, explorer, gsensor

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» GSlide Description
An Updated version is ready 0.9 for download !

GSlide, "GenericSlide", is simply a list control with a kinetic slider interface. The twist of this control is that it is completley remote controlled from the outside, by default by MortScript. What you get out-of-the-box is a nice finger friendly file explorer but you can build many types of applications using this control.

To install just drop the folder into your any folder. No installation needed.

Download and start playing around with it.

To install just drop the folder into your Programs folder. It works wherever you place it, but I have set up some example shortcuts with command line arguments which assume that you put it at the default location.


Update Description:

v0.9 (14-08-2009):
- Lots and lots and lots ......

v0.7 (14-04-2009):
- Many usability improvements. About time you might say, after all the backend stuff.
- "Easy access" buttons on the top bar. Implemented using the Faces API of course.
- Much improved RSS handeling.
- Super easy adding of RSS channels.
- Super easy adding/editing of GSlide Settings.
- A lot of tweaks here and there.

v0.6.9 (03-04-2009):
- Super cool update, as always.
- Real RSS reader.
- Configurable alpha effects for many objects.
- Lots of other good under-the-hoddie stuff.

v0.6 (18-02-2009):
- Lots of really cool dev. stuff!
- Optional fixed top bar with onClick, onDoubleClick etc events to catch.
- Set text messages and different background images for the top bar.
- Set background for the list on-the-fly.
- etc.
- Top bar in general.
- Will update the API Docs asap.

* All new Oxygen skin with much more complete icon set (drawback is total size in kb)
* Communication with GSlide is now xmlrpc standard.
* More possibilities to make adhoc changes to events handlers (onApplicationStart, onApplicationExit, onTapAndHold, onBackTapAndHold, onClick, onDoubleClick, etc).
* Tap and hold support :)
* Renaming the menues is now possible.
* Right sweep now takes you to the actions (cut and paste etc) as default (really easy to change in the context.xml file. Look for the onSweepRight tag.).

For more information and updates please visit the developer web site

the GSlide free for Pocket PC

Made by: Lars

» Comments

Sun-11-Oct at 4:47 am
zwiq wrote...
I absolutely agree with the comment (8-Oct) by lynx. To Lars: Please do not be discouraged by the negative comments. Would it be possible to write a Total Commander plug-in using GSlide API?
Thu-8-Oct at 2:34 pm
lynx wrote...
i didnt personally try this app. but the fact that some ppl write such nasty this is just messed up. this person takes time out of his day to write and app and shares it with us for free. which he didnt have to. those with ur nasty comments; if ur are so good at writing apps why dont you write ur own and leave this site to ppl who actually wanna get some apps for free.
Fri-10-Jul at 5:41 am
Lars wrote...
* All you who help me make the GSlide better by making good points about how it may be improved (even if you think its flawed): You make me happy :) * To all you others, Thanks for all your useless (as opposed to creative) critisism of a FREE software. Writing free/open source software can really SUCK because of people like you! You kill the spirit of free soft. GSlide is not a file explorer its a rapid application development framework. The file explorer is just an implementation of the framework.
Fri-17-Apr at 2:37 pm
DJyoSNOW wrote...
I'd say BOO to this program. What's wrong with the file exporer. "ARE YOU REALLY SURE" you want to install this...txt NO to 5701, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 "DOH"
Thu-16-Apr at 6:48 pm
yomama wrote...
Not for the novice user. Not user friendly at all. Must know and understand the technology to make the simplest changes.
Sat-11-Apr at 5:06 am
arvind wrote...
gre8 site as a social worker for windows mobile 5 users.thanks
Mon-6-Apr at 4:17 pm
bad bad wrote...
Tue-24-Mar at 4:02 pm
hampus strand wrote...
Hey Lars, this app seems to be cool, sadly i can't test it now cause my Omnia is visiting the mother for some reparation....>.> I wanted to ask if you could make an app that will let you choose a program it should lunch when doing a sweep from left to right and another for right to left and so on... i would gladly do it my self but programing isn't my thing, read your site but all words just get to be everything and nothing at same time.... >.
Sun-8-Mar at 2:56 pm
razor wrote...
its not working even after pasting it in prog folder its not working at all plzz som 1 help...??
Thu-26-Feb at 11:01 am
E.Z. Duzzit wrote...
GSlide is positive proof that there is always a more complicated way of carrying out even the most basic of tasks. There are plenty of good WM & PPC file explorers available that can do everything but your laundry, and they require neither .NET CF nor hundreds of support files to run them. GSFinder+ or Total Commander are among the good ones; GSlide is not. It's a bloatware wannabe.

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