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» Gsmart today plugin

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Gsmart is a new finger friendly today screen interface, very smooth design, fast response, highly customizable !

Windows Mobile 5 / 6

Arrived: Apr 19, 2008
Found under: shell, today, clock, interface, finger

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» Gsmart today plugin Description
Gsmart is a new finger friendly today screen interface with nice design. Its easy to operate with, reacts almost instantly without any lags. There are customizable bar with icons at the bottom with gives you an access to any feature of your device. The Analog and digital clock could be slided horizontally to change. The icon wallpaper could be also changed with a custom one by just editing a simple XML file. Gsmart can be installed on the storage card !

the Gsmart today plugin free for Pocket PC

Made by: Gsmart

» Comments

Sat-29-Jan at 5:04 am
Software Magic wrote...
I have same issue. For uninstall i follow this step in my htc touch2: with htc task manager i go in options form. Tap menu and select memory. Search function with only >64 kb files. When found application i have tapped for reinstall. Yes on request remove previous version. Abort for proceed when reinstall. Soft reset and my touch2 working fine without this. I suggest try this in memory card and if not work remove memory card and uninstall this. In same device not work :(
Tue-4-Jan at 6:17 pm
Rochelle wrote...
how do you uninstall if the Start button has disappeared?
Tue-4-Jan at 6:10 pm
Rochelle wrote...
how do you uninstall if the Start button has disappeared?
Wed-25-Aug at 10:43 am
moonshine wrote...
it looks great but its only on like an 8th of my screen.. so every thing is extreamly small.. i have the htc tilt 2..??
Tue-27-Apr at 10:42 pm
joncunkring wrote...
can't good work on my dopod 838 pro, some button cant work
Sat-9-Jan at 10:49 am
colorian wrote...
setting doesnt work on lgks20 wm6.1, rest is fine!
Mon-4-Jan at 11:36 am
OptimisMarv wrote...
great work..
Fri-27-Nov at 1:53 pm
jupiter wrote...
there has to be bug with the start button... doesnt work. htc p4350 wm5
Sat-7-Nov at 7:31 pm
shannon toppenberg wrote...
works great on htc tytn2 accept for the programs icon, it doesnt work neither does the settings iconeverything else is perfect!
Fri-30-Oct at 8:31 pm
Steelheads wrote...
Great look on my LGKS20 . I will redownload it if I change to other wm mobile , before I uses wm6 pro HTC Touch , thanks you!

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