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» HG-Engine v0.4 techdemo

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: G-Sensor Hologram application

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Mar 31, 2010
Found under: showcase, gsensor, hologram, movement, preview

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» HG-Engine v0.4 techdemo Description

HG-Engine is G-Sensor Hologram application, which contains preview hologram environment with object creation and movement! New version contains simple physics and transparency (only cubes for now), just try and enjoy my hard work ;-) Games comming soon!

How to draw cube:

- Push the position where you want to start and by holding stylus on display move wherever you want
- Okay, now you have a square, push stylus to display and move on x-axis to define back side
- Final stage, repeat step 2 for define front side

More info in readme.txt or here

G-Sensor Hologram application

the HG-Engine v0.4 techdemo free for Pocket PC

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» Comments

Tue-6-Apr at 7:33 am wrote...
Blackstone, it's early development and engine still needs many underhood improvements till I write some game.
Wed-31-Mar at 9:09 pm
Blackstone wrote...
hmm... Ok, is there a simple demo game coming out? or is this it? i would like to see more Hologram apps rather then the same thing again...
Thu-8-Oct at 5:41 pm
KaiHong wrote...
Oh, nvm just saw the tags and name.
Thu-8-Oct at 2:19 pm
KaiHong wrote...
Does this use the G-sensor? Or does it just change the poosition of the object by slding the finger/stylus?..
Thu-8-Oct at 9:40 am
Blackstone wrote...
Hi, i have tried this a few days ago on HTC Touch HD, and its working. Although there is nothing much but at least I know the 3D/Hologram engine works. Please keep up the good work.
Thu-8-Oct at 9:36 am
disturbed730 wrote...
this is crazy! we are so close to holographical calls and images...this is an eye opener to the great lengths technology has gone...

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