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» HotWAX Database & Wireless XML v0.96

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Summary: Hot WAX is a fast & small database with local and wireless (or hard-wired) XML data capabilities. It uses plain text script files for screen objects as well as remote web servers or local databases.

XScale or StrangARM

Arrived: Nov 13, 2003
Found under: Other, Databases, Enterprise

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» HotWAX Database & Wireless XML v0.96 Description

HotWAX v0.96

HotWAX is one of the most innovative and simple-to-use database application available for the Pocket PC today! This is from the same company that brought you the very popular EasyDB! Some of the features in HotWAX are quite incredible for a Pocket PC application. Three of the largest benefits are:

  • create database applications directly on your Pocket PC - with as little as seven (yes 7) commands
  • the databases are very small, fast and incredibly efficient (as well as the HotWAX application itself)
  • wireless connectivity to XML data sources (either directly from web-based databases or static XML files)

Here are some of the key features in HotWAX:

  • Very Flexible GRID Object
    The grid dynamically expands to match the type of data, sorting on any column is quick and easy
  • Database Object
    The database object is an amazingly lightweight database manager (doesn't require much processing power at all!)
  • Remote XML Data Object (for wireless/wired access to XML data)
    Data can be retrieved from either web server/databases or XML files located on web servers
  • Label Objects
    Place labels anywhere on the screen to easily identify data
  • Text Field Objects
    Text fields are directly tied to the database and grid objects for fast and easy updating of your information
  • Navigation Button Object
    With one simple command, you have a navigation button with add/edit/delete, first/last, next/prev buttons fully funcitonal and ready to go! No coding or special commands are necessary - place this object in your script file and it will do the rest for you!
  • Background Colors
    Choose different background colors to better customize your application
  • Built-in Script Editori
    The editor allows you to edit any of the sample scripts or created new scripts. Cut/copy/paste as well as quickly insertable objects via the "script" menu.
  • Built-in Help File
    A comprehensive Pocket PC formatted help file is included to explain the usage and features of HotWAX.
  • Sample Scripts
    4 sample scripts and a database are included to familiarize the user with the scripting commands (2 for unregistered use - including remote XML database support - and 2 much more functional scripts for registered users)
  • Efficient
    This is one of the SMALLEST and FASTEST database applications for the Pocket PC. With a total footprint of less than 300K (including the help file), and it's efficient data handling capabilities - this application is VERY EFFICIENT! As Pocket PC applications continue to grow in complexity and size, we strive to keep both of those attributes to a minimum.
  • Registration
    Registered users are registered for life! As existing users are aware, all e-email is handled on a high-priority basis. If there's one thing that we know besides software development, it's CUSTOMER SERVICE - and that goes for our FREE applications as well!
    Note: ALL VERSIONS PRIOR TO VERSION 1.0 ARE FREE. REGISTERED USERS WILL ALSO BE REGISTERED FOR VERSION 1.0 AND ABOVE!! In other words, register now and HotWAX is yours for free - even when it is no longer free to other first-time registered users!

Version 1.0 Features:

  • Ability to save modified data back to remote database2
  • The ability to play sound files in addition to images1 (image types: GIF/JPG/BMP/PCX/PNG)
  • Slideshow (for all records that have a picture file attached)1
    over 85 visual transitions!1
  • Searching
  • Exporting to comma-delimited and XML file formats
  • Rich drawing tool (i.e. picture box and scribble objects) for signatures or creating your own drawings/diagrams1
  • Automatically naming drawing files (with the ability to override auto-naming)1

    1. only for local databases (i.e. utilizing DATABASE command)

    2. only for remote databases (i.e. utilizing HTTPXML command)

How easy is it to register???
Email us your Device Owner Name and we will send you back your registration code!

© 2003 Paradigm Consulting Group
All rights reserved.
HotWAX and EasyDB are trademarks of Paradigm Consulting Group

the HotWAX Database & Wireless XML v0.96 free for Pocket PC

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