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» HTC Weather Master

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Its a Windows mobile freeware weather application to add cities in HTC weather application with ease.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Feb 2, 2009
Found under: weather, forecast, enhancement, cities

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» HTC Weather Master Description

Many users have had issues with the default HTC Weather application, that's where HTC Weather Master comes in.

Its a Windows mobile freeware weather application to add cities in HTC weather application with ease.

Feature List:

* Manage your current city list, delete cities, add them, change their order
* Simplied interface making it easy to add US cities, World-wide cities and Countries...
* Cooked-In support that allows chefs to force it to load once after the customization reboot...
* Support for the backing up/restoring of your current cities to a storage card...
* Support for auto-loading of backed up cities upon clean install (when in Cooked-In mode)

the HTC Weather Master free for Pocket PC

Made by: JoeWilcox

» Comments

Fri-30-Jul at 9:51 am
ilhami wrote...
it is totally harmful so do not try it because it failed my location and I can not add city anymore..There is a kind of incompatibility with HTC sense
Thu-29-Jul at 7:08 am
ilhami wrote...
This aplication never runs correctly.I tried it many times but there is TouchFlo3D problem so it is useless..
Mon-25-Jan at 3:06 pm
Ua08 wrote...
Will this program work for WinMo 6.5?
Wed-23-Dec at 12:42 am
Bobbysue wrote...
Sat-5-Dec at 4:39 pm
David Hall wrote...
Tue-10-Nov at 2:02 am
Derek wrote...
i added this cause i was getting the error message with the weather database error and now when i click my weather tab on my fuze the entire TF3D restarts. its only when i click weather, plz help...
Fri-6-Nov at 1:21 pm
Ray wrote...
@Louie - I am have the exact same problem. After adding my city, clicking the weather tab gives me "Launching TouchFlo 3D" and takes me back to the main page. The other tabs seem to work normally, but no more weather. Any ideas?
Fri-2-Oct at 10:33 pm
Louie wrote...
I downloaded CF 3.5 as well as this application and even shut off my Touchflow 3D and had the correct input of the city i wanted to ad. Then when in turned the touchflow back on and went to my weather constantly kept activating the Touchflow 3D. So, unfortunately it wasn't working for me...I would like to see an update of this application because I'd like to have it on my phone.
Wed-9-Sep at 10:07 am
Wendy wrote...
Installed fine but once opened everything I tried to do was met with an error. said the disk was full?!
Sat-22-Aug at 11:21 pm
Mike wrote...
HTC Tilt; Win Mobile 6.1; Netframe 3.5 - Program crashes: Error - "An unexpected Error has ocuured..." Joe Wilcox should go back to the drawing board and fix it

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