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» HTCustom

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Customize your windows mobile phone with ease

Windows Mobile 5/6 Pocket PC

Arrived: Feb 3, 2009
Found under: tweaks, registry, enhancements

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» HTCustom Description

HTCustom is a little application to tweak and customize WM5/6 devices to their owners content.

HTCustom is a little application  to tweak and customize WM5/6 devices to their owners content.

Whats Good?

- Thin Scroll Bars.
- Short Scroll Arrows.
- Live Searches Via Google.
- Remove battery/comm manager from tray.
- Clock Display (clock, date, nothing, both, battery).
- Enable Time Zones.
- 3G video dialer.
- Enable DTMF support.
- Disable in call volume beep.
- GPRS/3G disconnect/timer.
- Connection always on.
- Disable SMS sent notifier.
- Change BT name.
- Transfer files via BT/IrDA.
- Improve A2DP sound.
- Disable menu animations.
- Modify glyphcache.
- Enable file system cache.
- Modify FATFS & file system filter cache.
- Pie card cache device/sd.
- Navigate pie with dpad.
- Hermes Keypad Layout.
- Show/Hide Sim contacts.
- Disable Security warning.
- Mount Ext Rom.
- Enable/disable HSDPA.
- XML/provxml loader.
- Cab loader.

Video Preview of HTCustom

the HTCustom free for Pocket PC

Made by: Shadowmite

» Comments

Mon-17-May at 6:16 pm
dgdgfgdfg wrote...
Sat-8-May at 7:14 pm
habib wrote...
Tue-14-Jul at 10:52 pm
mike wrote...
cool controls, like the concept Alot BUT had to do a factory reset to my Touch Pro. any body know of something similar BUT Stable?
Thu-7-May at 4:47 am
Raven wrote...
Have a problem when launch Windows Media , trying to load library it says error- "An unexpected error occured" and WM is totally doesn`t work! help pls!!who knows... device HTC 3600
Tue-28-Apr at 4:21 am
Lucky wrote...
Installed fine on xperia..tried to custom it..when i hit says unexpected error in HTCustom.exe. i was just tryin 2 change the time format..any advice?
Tue-24-Feb at 11:36 am
Armando wrote...
used to work good
Sat-7-Feb at 11:25 pm
mike b wrote...
this app stinks, crashed my Touch Pro. Had to do hard reset and reinstall ALL factory programs. Kind of like getting a virus for free.
Sat-7-Feb at 7:08 pm
clayrcc wrote...
Does not wotk on HTC Touch HD brings up error message. had to unInstall.
Fri-6-Feb at 9:12 am
belinda wrote...
This program totally crashed my phone! I got a black box from the start menu, and it froze my phone when it open, half the icon's were gone from the top and this tiny battery icon was at the bottom also, after uninstalling it, nothing changed, couldn't do soft reset had to do the hard reset, now phone is empty like I just got it! grrrr!! I had the HTC touch 3600
Fri-6-Feb at 3:30 am
SAYYED wrote...
htc p3000

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