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» iBrokeWM

Rating: 2/5
Summary: Pretend to your friends they have broken the screen of your phone...

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5, 6.5.x
eVB Runtimes are embedded (or not)

Arrived: Jun 9, 2010
Found under: freeware, ibroke, screen, broken, fun, inutileware

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» iBrokeWM Description
Take a blow to your friends by pretending they're the ones who broke the screen of your phone! The broken screen occurs after a certain time and with images of Parameters Settings of WM6.1 or WM6.5 or WM6.5.3.

Note that this is a kind of version for Windows Mobile of iPhone iBroke application, prohibited under the AppleStore!

Configuration / CompatibilitÚ:
- Options_iBrokeWM.exe = allows you to set the image to display for the break as the parameters of WM6.1, WM6.5 or of WM6.5.3, define also the time for display, then save the settings for direct launch

- iBrokeWM.exe = You can directly launch the application, within the parameters defined previously

Parameters by default: picture of WM6.1 Parameters for 30 seconds

Language: french (but very very easy to understand

Screen Resolution: WQVGA (240*400) and higher (autoredim of pictures)


- Version with embedded runtimes eVB :

- Version without runtimes eVB (have to be installed before) :

Thanks to:
- Route66 pour les graphismes
- ilan91 pour la demande et les tests
- bouliche pour les tests

the iBrokeWM free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Wed-1-Aug at 12:32 am
dustin mills wrote...
this is so gay dude this is so stupid
Fri-22-Apr at 12:58 am
lindsey wrote...
Made my Htc hd2 turn off when I downloaded. Then I turned it on and removed the app. and then it again. good job.
Sun-29-Aug at 8:31 am
Pedro wrote...
this app suckd
Wed-28-Jul at 7:38 am
Rene Versteegt wrote...
it gives only problems on my HD2
Sat-26-Jun at 12:41 pm
troy dawg wrote...
Wed-23-Jun at 9:07 pm
stephanielyn mudgett wrote...
Wed-23-Jun at 6:55 pm
sergio orozco wrote...
Wed-23-Jun at 3:29 pm
bart wrote...
josh:how to delete thenicon from your menu or from programs so you go to file explorer then hit on windows and then on startmeny and you got it want delete some thing from menu choose and delete and from folder programs hit on the folder programs and delete
Tue-22-Jun at 9:57 pm
Rigo De Leon wrote...
its actually funny when played as a joke....wish it looked more realistic tho... hd2
Mon-21-Jun at 7:20 pm
Alex Cernat wrote...
tottaly dubious

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