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» iFonz v0.8.8

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Emulate the popular apple iPhone on your Windows Mobile phone

* Windows Mobile 5.0
* Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Arrived: Feb 29, 2008
Found under: iphone, theme, skin, shell

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» iFonz v0.8.8 Description
iFonz is an application to emulate the most popular iPhone on your Windows Mobile 5.0 / WM6 Pocket PC.

Version 0.8.8 - 29/02/2008
Second Release

Default icons
Extra icons
Vista icons

- Now speed of all graphics depend of your mobile processor
- Correct a bug with graphics, and now less memory are used
- Add pushed image to all icons
- Add type of icon ("Normal", "Phone", "Messages", "Calendar", "Tasks"), if you set it the icon do some special things
- Add Startup with Windows in General Settings
- Add new image for icons after the first page
- Bottom Bar Icons are editable now
- Increase the limit to 16 icons for page (for VGA user)
- Start implementation for VGA users
- Add date on icon calendar editable
- Create notification balloon for Calendar Appointment and for Active Tasks
- User can set the speed of Slide animation
- Fade in and Fade out speed improvements
- Get the default icon from the program selected
- If there isn't a Pushed image for icon it zoom out when clicked
- In Search File added the name of the file you search
- Create save/load theme style (General and Icons settings)

- Set differrent background Portrait and Landscape.
- Set a lot of animation effects.
- Set infinite number of pages with 12 icons for each page.
- Set icons picture, description and shortcut command.
- Work in Portrait and in Landscape.
- Fly from and to another page with touch screen and with D-Pad.

- Copy the cab on cell.
- Start the cab installation.
- Install it where you want (Device or storage is same).
- After installation iFonz link is on Programs menu.

- Start the application and watch it.
- After u can do all setting directly on iFonz.
- For set the general setting tap and hold on background.
- For set the button setting tap and hold on button.
- For minimize and view other information tap and hold on battery.
- To exit tap on battery.

There are a lots of options, discover all and set as your flavor. Tested iFonz on HTC TyTN and all goes good.

Here is iFonz on Samsung i760

the iFonz v0.8.8 free for Pocket PC

Made by: Simon

» Comments

Tue-29-May at 2:46 pm
max wrote...
piece of shit no point uplaoading this crap
Fri-11-Mar at 4:53 am
markonic wrote...
Wed-12-Jan at 2:32 am
watt wrote...
useless cant down load
Sun-29-Aug at 8:56 am
mike wrote...
cant download. it send me to useless
Tue-10-Aug at 10:05 am
paul wrote...
great app
Wed-4-Aug at 2:50 pm
chaspi wrote...
Wed-28-Jul at 10:50 am
prakash wrote...
Sun-18-Jul at 4:00 pm
zakir wrote...
thank you so much
Tue-22-Jun at 7:11 pm
jajoman wrote...
cool this stuff
Wed-9-Jun at 11:13 pm
selis wrote...
its not letting me download.. every time i press the link it takes me to anyone know whats up with this?

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