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» iFonz v0.9.9

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Emulate the popular apple iPhone on your Windows Mobile phone

* Windows Mobile 5.0
* Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Arrived: Apr 22, 2008
Found under: iphone, theme, skin, shell

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» iFonz v0.9.9 Description
Emulate the popular apple iPhone on your Windows Mobile phone Emulate the popular apple iPhone on your Windows Mobile phone

iFonz is an application to emulate the most popular iPhone on your Windows Mobile 5.0 / WM6 Pocket PC. It is a clone of iPhone interface, with a lots of customization and a fully graphical design and animations.

Download links:

Default icons (94 KB).
Extra icons (957 KB).
Vista icons (395 KB).

iFonz Features:

- Set differrent background Portrait and Landscape.
- Set a lot of animation effects.
- Set infinite number of pages with 12 icons for each page.
- Set icons picture, description and shortcut command.
- Work in Portrait and in Landscape.
- Fly from and to another page with touch screen and with D-Pad.


- Uninstall older version.
- Extract CAB and install on Pocket PC.
- Soft Reset Pocket PC.

How to:

* If you use ILauncher consider to uninstall it for best use of iFonz.
* If you want enter directly on the General Settings click on the link in Programs Folder "iFonz Settings".
* To open General Settings Tap and Hold on background.
* To open Icon Settings Tap and Hold on desired icon.
* To enable/disable Windows Startup open General Settings and check/uncheck the option.
* To save/load Themes and settings Tap and Hold on Battery and click on Themes->Load/Save and choose the file.
* To minimize Tap and Hold on Battery in the main screen and click on minimize.
* To view all Pocket PC status info Tap and Hold on Battery in the main screen and go to Status menu.
* To view AM/PM hour go to Regional Settings in your pocket pc and set correctly your Timezone and Time settings.
* To exit click on battery in the main screen.
* To add shortcut to a folder in the command line use "windows explore.exe" and in the argument set the folder path.
* To add shortcut to a midlet java in the command line use "[the path of your java manager]" and in the argument set the parameter of your java application (Es: Command: "windowsjmm.exe" Arguments:"-r"Gmail","Google","Gmail").
* To add shortcut to an internet address write in command line the internet address.
* To Copy/Swap an icon tap and hold on 1 icon and choose Copy/Swap and after tap and hold another icon and choose Paste here/Swap here.
* If iFonz close when hit the "Red Button" after a call, assign a specific button of your PPC for restart it, set it in PPC settings.
* If your Pocket PC is old or slow go to General Settings and disable all Special Effects and set Animation to "Nothing".
* If you do a lot of changes in General Settings and iFonz become slow, restart it.
* To go in debug mode create a file "Debuco" in the iFonz directory and use the program. In the folder I create a new text file called Logfile.txt with all operations and errors.
* For lock device and show a big image of caller whe you receive a call use S2U2 program (The best ever from A_C).

There are a lots of options, discover all and set as your flavor. Tested iFonz on HTC TyTN and all goes good.

the iFonz v0.9.9 free for Pocket PC

Made by: Simon

» Comments

Fri-6-May at 7:49 am
unstoppablerock wrote...
how to download on that
Tue-12-Oct at 2:31 pm
vinod wrote...
Tue-21-Sep at 4:53 pm
mo matsah wrote...
Wed-15-Sep at 10:58 am
james lee wrote...
the themes is cool
Wed-15-Sep at 7:59 am
buffy wrote...
its really easy & fast
Wed-15-Sep at 2:45 am
Sean Hamilton wrote...
Sun-5-Sep at 1:07 pm
alex wrote...
love the app
Sat-4-Sep at 1:36 am
selo wrote...
Fri-3-Sep at 5:17 pm
leon wrote...
Sun-29-Aug at 4:15 pm
bryan wrote...

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