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Rating: 3/5
Summary: IMSMS is an Instant Messaging SMS chat application

Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PC

Arrived: May 18, 2009
Found under: SMS, chat, Communication, instant, message, Messaging

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» IMSMS Description
IMSMS is an Instant Messaging SMS chat application. It is essentially an Instant Messaging tool that simulates threading of incoming and outgoing SMS messages on your Smartphone and PPC Windows Mobile device. What it does is simulate Instant Messaging using SMS. It was originally designed for the HTC 620/Tmobile Dash (a wonderful design of a phone btw!) and is fast and easy to use! Here are a few highlights of what IMSMS can do (see online tutorial for more features)

You must archive and DELETE ALL YOUR CHAT LOGS when installing the performance enhanced version of IMSMS - any verson BEFORE (Version 1.0.210) ONLY - Any version AFTER 1.0.210 you do not need to perform this procedure

** POCKET PC PRO EDITION ONLY (Windows Mobile 6):
Download PPC PRO Version 1.0.300 *skins support


* Smartphone Edition (Windows Mobile 6):
Download Smartphone Version 1.0.300 *skins support
- TMobile Dash, Moto Q, and others users

*** Motorola Q9h ONLY SMARTPHONE(Windows Mobile 6):
Download Moto Q9h Edition Version 1.0.300 *skins support

*** Motorola Q ONLY SMARTPHONE (Windows Mobile 5):
Download Moto Q Edition Version 1.0.300 *skins support

the IMSMS free for Pocket PC

Made by: DSO Software

» Comments

Thu-20-May at 9:42 pm
idid wrote...
how do u use this?
Fri-29-May at 2:19 pm
Tim Layton wrote...
I haven't used this IM app for windows mobile, but I have used others that work really good on windows mobile. I love the fact that I can place it in the background and go do something else and then come back to the IM. Very useful feature courtesy of windows mobile.
Thu-28-May at 9:35 pm
Nika wrote...
I have the program and everything works fine except it doesnt play my contacts ringtones. it jus plays the same incoming msg sound. ugh. any ideas on whats wrong??
Mon-18-May at 1:43 pm
vinod wrote...
hi,i ve htc p 3450 wm 6.0 pro.i m confused abt this .NET frame do I know it is installed in my ppc by default?is there anything in my ppc which tells me the type of framework the system has?pls help
Sat-16-May at 10:19 pm
dmiranda wrote...
wish i would have read this b4 i bought extreme text. this works great on the bj2. make sure u watch the tutorial video. that helped alot daniel atlanta,ga
Tue-2-Dec at 4:53 pm
Savio wrote...
It's not working on my HTC Touch Cruise with WM6. No matter how many messages I send between mv two phones, it doesn't show up on the main screen. When I send, it says gives me a message saying 'Missed Sender', that's all.
Sat-2-Aug at 5:42 pm
scott wrote...
it works GREAT! I have it running perfectly on my Veizon xv6700. ppc WM5. so it will run on WM5. just install the netcf v.2.0. I LOVE it!! just like an "IM" on my computer. much better than the staandard text program on the 6700!! : )
Thu-10-Jul at 3:03 pm
Tony wrote...
I have wm5 treo & it works like a charm.
Wed-9-Jul at 3:03 am
stacey wrote...
Was very good until now as I am not recieving the texts anymore.. My screen will light up and the text will not appear
Mon-16-Jun at 1:41 pm
SMILEY wrote...
Im not sure but when i send a message on this application it brings up a 1Kb symbol so im just wondering if this costs money if u dont have internet?

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