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» IPDA-II 3.0

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Summary: IPDA-II (Initial Psychological Disorder Analysis) can help quickly determine an initial diagnoses of an Axis-I or Axis-II psychological disorder.


Arrived: Feb 19, 2006
Found under: Medical, Personal Healthcare, Health and Fitness

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» IPDA-II 3.0 Description

FREE to download and try! See this award winning software for yourself.

Quickly determine an initial diagnoses of an Axis-I or Axis-II psychological disorder.

Accurately determine a clients course of action with this easy to use, flexible software for all Pocket PC PDAs. IPDA-II is a versatile instrument for evaluating individuals suspected of having a psychological disorder. It enables mental health professionals to rapidly & easily determine an initial diagnoses of an Axis-I or Axis-II disorders via answering simple guided "Yes"/"No" questions leading to a result. IPDA-II saves and displays client's histories, initial diagnosis, demographics, medications & progress notes all at your finger tips.

* Psychologist tested and approved.


  • 2 FREE Axis-I evaluations. Purchase additional evaluations (up to 32)
  • Security features to protect client's records.
  • Track client's clinical progress.
  • Improve productivity and client care.
  • Client list to view, select, save and retrieve data (add, edit and ).
  • Summary of demographics, current medication, last diagnosis, track medications
    and notes.
  • Medication list with 326 prescriptions, RX class and indication.
  • Progress note fields.
  • 24 Axis-I and 10 Axis-II evaluations to administer. (Full Purchase)
  • Guided "Yes"/"No" questions to determine a result.
  • Summary report.
  • Functional physical Up/Down buttons to cycle through the client list.
  • Preferences to customize the application.
  • Filters and sorts to help find and organize.
  • Databases are backed up on PC.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Pop-up date selection.
  • COLOR support for color PDAs.
  • FREE updates.
  • FREE support.

The free version of IPDA-II includes 2 (out of 34 total) free evaluations. A user may purchase additional evaluations, up to 22 Axis-I and 10 Axis-II. The charge is upfront with the purchase of evaluations and not based on usage or clients. The registration key, delivered after payment verification, will unlock all of the purchased evaluations with unlimited use.


  • Enable purchase evaluations.
  • You get e-mail support.
  • You get e-mail notifications of updates, upgrades and new evaluations.
  • Free updates.

the IPDA-II 3.0 free for Pocket PC

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