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» IPSMS v0.4.6

Rating: 3/5
Summary: IPSMS is a tool for sending SMS via SMS77, SMSBug, Voipbuster(nonoh,sparvoip,voipstunt,webcall Direct,VoipWise,12voip,dialnow,justvoip etc.) and your cellular network provider

Windows Mobile 5.0
Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Arrived: Feb 27, 2008
Found under: SMS, message, instant, voip

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» IPSMS v0.4.6 Description
IPSMS is a tool for sending SMS via SMS77, SMSBug, Voipbuster (nonoh, sparvoip, voipstunt, webcall Direct, VoipWise, 12voip, dialnow, justvoip, etc.) and your cellular network provider. It is an application for sending SMS over the Internet.

This program doesn't run on Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition.

Open feature requests:

- Delivery report for SMSBug.
- Change screen design of Inbox and Outbox based on current used screen orientation.
- Number of digits to strip for national -> international mobile phone number conversion.
- Save Inbox and Outbox messages on program exit.
- Abbreviation button set for each favorite.
- Send SMS to multiple numbers.
- Send SMS at a specific time.
- Long SMS for Voipbuster and SMSBug (split long message and send as many single SMS).
- Show addional phones numbers from Outlook in IPSMS contact list.

Known bugs:

- "Firstname Lastname" view is sorted by Lastname.

IPSMS for Pocket PC Screenshots

IPSMS for Pocket PC Screenshots

the IPSMS v0.4.6 free for Pocket PC

Made by: skandler

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dmytro wrote...
Sun-6-Jul at 10:49 am
Hasan wrote...
This link works
Sun-22-Jun at 1:28 pm
hrishippc wrote...
download links do not work
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