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» iWeather

Rating: 4/5
Summary: First release of weather program that uses forecast from yahoo or

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Nov 4, 2008
Found under: weather, forecast, yahoo,

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» iWeather Description

First release of weather program that uses forecast from yahoo or First release of weather program that uses forecast from yahoo or

The app uses the weather feed from yahoo (or When you run iWeather, you need to connect to the internet. Same for the Settings.exe.

How to:

1. open Settings.exe
2. enter your LocationID
3. press ENTER
4. press Done-Button
IMPORTANT! It is nessessary to stay online!

Things to do:

- fix battery-bug in Settings.exe
- adding more than one location
- open settings by pushing the "i"-button
- caching data for offline use
- maybe integrating settings into iWeather
- maybe different language support
- ...

Update History

- first release
- only one city-weather is possible
- search in Settings.exe only writes the LocationID (e.g. USNY0996) and the displayed unit into the city.xml (you can find your LocationID at )
- Settings.exe gives as validation the city-name to the entered LocationID.
- it's not possible to start settings from iWeather
- iWeather will automaticaly start, after pushing "done"-button in Settings.
- background-image and icons will change after sunset or sunrise of the selected location
- both apps can be closed by pushing the battery on the upper right corner

the iWeather free for Pocket PC

Made by: FoneBone

» Comments

Mon-16-Aug at 12:26 pm
bob smith wrote...
Pass. haven't tried it yet
Mon-14-Dec at 6:14 am
Tori wrote...
I have AT&T Tilt and all I get is an error. Is it because I did it wrong or because it won't work on my phone?
Fri-23-Oct at 9:14 am
Darko Gerasimovski wrote...
If you want to run this program and to work propertly on city ID add the code that appears for your city on the webpage,after you set your citi. For e.x for my town is:MKXX0012. Good luck
Sat-23-May at 7:47 pm
Juny wrote...
It displayed at uper left corner on my HTC HD in 1X1 inch size. It looks like it is a matter of display setting. I hope it will be available for HTC HD WM6.1 3.8" screen. Over all I like it because it is exactly like on iPhone. Thanks to developers.
Sat-7-Mar at 9:27 am
rich wrote...
The "alarm" note below is vital! Please add that fact to the instructions, it will likely solve most of the "doesn't work" issues. It loads a little slowly, I suspect that that is due to reaching out across the web for the weather forecast. It would be great to have an option to force the program to download once an hour or so and then just display the last update. It also doesn't scale the screen (I'm on an Omnia 240x400.) All that said, it DOES work, I'm using it, I like it. THANKS.
Sun-8-Feb at 5:23 pm
Jim Umhofer wrote...
Lousy program. Too labor-intensive to make it work properly.
Tue-23-Dec at 2:51 pm
Bob wrote...
It work fine on my xv6800. You must follow the directions closely to work. Nice looking, but you must be online.
Sun-16-Nov at 9:56 am
Yes it does wrote...
It works fine on Omnia i900 if u do as james says: install actual .net Framework, look for the Location ID @ yahoo (url) and on you go...
Mon-10-Nov at 1:06 am
igor wrote...
Nice look. Only if you can add caching for offlien and that yiou can enter more than one city.
Sat-8-Nov at 12:01 pm
Matt wrote...
Cant get it to work on my treo 700. Seems many people are having issues. I have the required NET CF but no luck, just a bunch of errors. I'm done with it already. Tired of finding software that doesnt work.

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