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» JRTopSoft Music Trainer 2.0 Lite

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Music Trainer is now 2.0. Music is not boring, it is fun! It's an educational tool and game to help all musicians, beginners, even someone without knowledge to be trained in music notes sight reading for piano and other instrument. Now with Violin and Viola feature.

1. Windows Mobile Devices 2. .Net Compact Framework 2.0 or 3.5 Higher (highly required) tested on VGA, QVGA, WVGA, WQVGA, Square and others. Runs fast on HTC HD2. Speed depends on processor.

Arrived: May 9, 2011
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» JRTopSoft Music Trainer 2.0 Lite Description
Music is not boring, it is fun!

Music Trainer is now 2.0. It can serve as an educational tool and game to help all musicians, beginners, even someone without knowledge to be trained in music notes sight reading for piano and other instrument.

Note: The application runs on any Windows Mobile Devices but it runs depending on the processor of the device you have. e.g. If you have an HTC HD2, it will run fast but if you still have old versions of Windows Mobile devices with slow processors, it will run slow.

What's new in Music Trainer 2.0?

What's really great in this version is that it really trains you slowly and in step by step manner.
> Moving Notes. Have you already experienced playing a Guitar Hero? This is the piano and other instrument version. (There are up to 10 levels for Lite vs.)
> Personal Trainer. A feature that can help in training by displaying tips and comments while gameplay.
> Simple Melody Composer. Can help you develop your composition skills with saving and loading capability. (saving is not functioning in Lite vs.)
> Play Songs. After you compose, you can play it on the trainer. This feature is more usable if you're a music teacher or If you want other friends to play what you composed.
> Just Play. Feature that lets you play Piano, Violin and Viola with your Pocket PC.
> Personalize. Personalize the application by changing theme, settings, keyboard size, with and etc.
> Changeable Keyboard. While gameplay, you can change the keyboard or instrument by your choice:
>>Piano Keyboard - Resizable (Width, height and location)
>>Show Letter Guides. Shows the letter guides that will appear under the piano keyboard if needed.
>>Hard Keyboard - This feature is more usable on the Hard Keyboard of your Computer/Device.Allows you to use a,b,c,d,e,f,g keys and Shift + (key) incase of sharps.
>>ABC keys. If you're uncomfortable using piano keyboard, you can just use "a to g" keys.
>>Violin Keyboard - A very unique feature that never has been done on any apps before.
So usable on a Windows Mobile Device Version. Not all keys are usable.
>>Viola Keyboard - Not all keys are usable.
> Auto Note Reader. If you're a beginner, auto note reader may help you. What it does is it highlights the keys on the piano keyboard that needs to be clicked, depends on the note that appears on the staff. > Tempo. Changes the tempo speed.
> Profile and Stats. Can Save and Load Users. Compare your score to other players.
> With many more!...
Music Trainer 2.0 offers a free(Lite) and a Pro Version.

What's with Lite Version? - Not all the features above can be done.
- Trainer. With a Maximum of 10 Levels only. Includes Sharps and GClef.
- Composer. Can compose but can't Save.
- Just Play. Full - Play Songs. Full
What's with the Pro Version?
- up to 50 Levels. - All Features reviewed above is included. -The Pro Version is available at my site,
ENJOY! -JRTopSoft -

the JRTopSoft Music Trainer 2.0 Lite free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Wed-9-Jan at 11:09 am
Golea cristian wrote...
i can't download this app
Mon-30-Jul at 12:13 am
FrLW68 wrote...
Music maker 2.0 is NOT FOR FREE. JRtopSOFT ask $20 for this product. Please ban JRtopSOFT from FREEWAREpocketpc
Tue-10-Apr at 8:51 pm
choojin wrote...
I can't download this app! It just said, 'please check the Internet connection'.
Sun-25-Sep at 7:05 am
After26 wrote...
ce n'est pas mon truc...
Sun-4-Sep at 7:44 am
Jorge wrote...
i can`t download this app!
Mon-29-Aug at 3:32 am
vrinda wrote...
very interesting
Mon-4-Jul at 4:35 am
saah wrote...
Thu-16-Jun at 5:35 am
dusty wrote...
Very good app! works on my device... :) thanks!
Wed-15-Jun at 4:52 pm
Maurice Davis wrote...
it's shit, I wouldn't use it if it wore cowgirl clobber and rode me to Thornton Heath and back.
Wed-15-Jun at 4:48 pm
Maurice Davis wrote...
it'd shit

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