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» JTdLnch

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Unique animated today screen launcher with smooth transitions and alot of customizations

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Apr 12, 2010
Found under: utilities, launcher, today, screen, plugin

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» JTdLnch Description
JTdLnch is an unique today screen launcher with smooth transitions and animations plus alot of customizations. It lets you create custom shortcuts on right on your home screen. JTdLnch is actually a native today screen plugin so you can enable/disable it from /Settings/Today

. To edit the JTdLnch settings go to Programs from your start menu and tap on "LTdLnchSet" to get the settings interface.

Here is simple guide on how to use the settings interface:
Tab 1 (Pages):
This is the foundation of the launcher. Before adjusting anything else, you will want to create a new page. To achieve this, simply enter a title for the new page on the first line of this tab. Then, select the preferred launcher pattern. The left box is the pattern set for portrait mode, the right is for landscape. Experiment with a few until you find one you like (previews can be viewed on dev’s site). Next, click “add” and you’ll see the entry displayed in the bottom window. If you decide to change the pattern later, be sure to click edit after making the changes or they may not take.

Tab 2 (Apps):
This is where you’ll be adding the shortcuts for each page of the launcher. Select one of your pages from the drop down menu and click “add.” For some reason, the app doesn’t seem to be very efficient in auto-searching for files or shortcuts (first two choices), so I recommend adding the file path manually. First, enter the text that you want displayed for a particular shortcut and then type in the path to that program on the line labeled “PATH.”

For example, I added Opera Mobile 9.7 by entering “Program FilesOpera MobileOperaL.exe”

You’re not just restricted to program shortcuts using the manual entry method. You can also add shortcuts to other file types like images. If you don’t enjoy tapping the bottom left/right corners of the launcher to switch pages, you can add shortcuts to other pages by choosing the second to last choice from the drop down menu (during the add app process). Blank placeholders can be added by using the last option in the drop down menu, which can be used to customize the pattern of the launcher. If anyone’s able to figure out a friendlier way of using the automated method, let us know in the comments.

Tab 3 (Themes):
This tab doesn’t appear to be in use at the moment, but will probably be used in the future to quickly change themes of the launcher.

Tab 4 (General Settings):
This tab has the most Japanese characters (or blocks), so I edited a screen shot of it with English translations. View it at the end of this post.

Tab 5 (Plug-in Height):
Adjust the height of the actual plug-in here. The option at the bottom adjusts the height of the page switch area.

Tab 6 (Plug-in Width):
Likewise, you can adjust the width of the plug-in here.

Tab 7 (Colors):
Here you can change different colors associated with the launcher. The first choice is for changing the frame color, the second is for the font and the last one is to adjust the launcher’s transparency.

Video Preview:

the JTdLnch free for Pocket PC

Made by: juntaro

» Comments

Sun-9-Oct at 6:31 pm
Lee wrote...
failed on HD2
Thu-11-Aug at 12:56 pm
Josef wrote...
This prog does not work on i900 Omnia. Setup is impossible. It needs a detailed instructions manual. Why its author would take such time and effort to create this prog and then not help people to install it is beyond me. Such a waste of talent.
Tue-26-Jul at 11:18 pm
miguel nunez wrote...
is it good for htc hd2???
Wed-20-Jul at 8:29 pm
agus salim wrote...
get for myphond
Sat-29-Jan at 5:08 am
Software Magic wrote...
Very good app :-)
Sat-13-Nov at 12:27 pm
brian brian wrote...
makuri gamiton...huna ko ny written exam khuman ky practical exam man maupay it app
Mon-30-Aug at 5:01 pm
narendra wrote...
i thick is very good for my mobile
Sun-1-Aug at 10:26 am
maan antonio wrote...
not very user-friendly. i uninstalled it after experimenting on all the tabs.
Mon-24-May at 2:09 am
carlos wrote...
wow this app. is pain on my TP2 LOL couldn't get it to work :) i guess im staying with sense ui and androkidd :) thanks juntaro
Sun-9-May at 3:37 pm
Malik Faizan Ali wrote...
non of the applications working on mine iteq x-bond WM5 pocket pc,after installation it shows the error of framework that my net framework is old and thats why the programe should not work,plz mail me what should i do???

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