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» JZ SmartMort

Rating: 4/5
Summary: When mapped to a hardware button users can copy/paste, clipboard history, favorites and more tools including ability to choose from multiple installed browsers when a URL is clicked.

Arrived: Oct 24, 2013
Found under: utilities, multiple browsers, browserscopy, paste, tweaks, hacks

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» JZ SmartMort Description

JZ SmartMort

v1.9.0 *** 2011-09-27

Official XDA forum to find out what's new in this version, posting requires a login.
Official SourceForge Forum for the project to post questions anonymously.

JZ SmartMort is a simple productivity tool for any Windows Mobile user. The software is my attempt to bridge the gap of missing features like:

* Copy / Paste
* Clipboard / URL history
* Multi-browser support (Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, NetFront, Skyfire, Iris, UCWEB, BOLT, jB5, Opera Mini for Windows Mobile, uZard & Internet Explorer)
* Make any installed browser system-level, where it opens links from anywhere. Ability to have a default browser (with a special timeout in case you want to open a link with a non-default browser).
* Hardware buttons - supports Pocket PCs and SmartPhones for advanced hardware button mapping.
* Opera Mini - shortcut on the Start Menu, different paste and URL handling methods to accommodate different phones.
* JBed - create Start Menu shortcuts for any JBed app, run JBed App directly using JZ SmartMort, troubleshoot your JBed installation and disable JBed security prompts.
* Ability to open synced Mobile Favorites with any browser, process killing and many other interesting features.
* Includes general tweaks and hacks which will keep growing.

If the CAB does not uninstall successfully, the best software to remove JZ SmartMort is SKTools. It did much better at uninstalling than PocketMechanic and MemMaid.

Make sure you have tried an alternative "Opera Mini Paste Method" in JZ Browser options.

What JZ SmartMort for?

The software is meant for SmartPhones and Pocket PC devices running Windows Mobile 2003, 5, 6, 6.1 and 6.5 using Mort's free application MortScript (included in CAB) installed as the macro engine mapped to hardware buttons. Most prominent features of the software are the multi-browser/default browser abilities, as well as, copy/paste/clipboard-history. Please make sure check out the Help sections right in the software menus for detailed clarifications.

Browsing: Opera Mini (link #3) is free, some sites look and feel better using Opera Mini, so I wanted to make it a system level browser with the option to revert to IE as needed (link #4). Support for Opera Mobile (link #5), NetFront (link #7), Skyfire (link #8), Iris (link #9), UCWEB (link #11), BOLT Browser (link #12) and jB5 Browser (link #13), Opera Mini for Windows Mobile (link #14), uZard Web Browser (link #15). The software allows for managing a default browser while having many different browsers installed. On PocketPC ONLY (touchscreen), MortButtons (v2.4 & above) can be used as the GUI of JZ Browser script when a link/URL is clicked (link #10).

URL Exclusions: URL Exclusions allows user to always open a certain top-level domain name with a specific browser. So even if the URL consists of a huge string, top-level domain is stripped and compared against URL Exclusions. Example: is diffent from, and using URL exclusions, all URLs will automatically be openned with a specific browser of choice. Static browser assigned for a top-level domain name.
Hardware Button Mapping: Three different Pocket PC and two different SmartPhone methods for mapping buttons. Check the Help file right under JZ Settings for further information.

Navigation: FakeCursor embedded to assist SmartPhones run such advanced applications like TaskMgr, even though it's only made for a PPC. Map a button to JZ Action script for the best user experience.

Copy/Paste: using Vito CopyPaste or any of the other method available in the software (MortScript based keyboard shortcuts).

Clipboard and URL History: Added ability to select from a list of the last items copied to the clipboard.

IE Favorites: Ability to open Internet Explorer (ActiveSynced Favorites), located under WindowsFavorites, with any web browser that you have installed. Choose from three different methods of opening "Favorites"; this is for speed purposes considering different devices and amount of favorites in folder.

Java: Esmertec JBed (link #6) has specific and advanced support in JZ SmartMort.

Activation: JZ SmartMort comes with a self installer/remover. Once JZ SmartMort CAB is installed, it will check if MortScript is properly installed, if not, it will attempt to install MortScript automatically. The only feature which will self-activate is JZ Browser, all other features will need to be manually activated by running the JZ Settings. If you get an error then you need to verify that you have MortScript installed.

Troubleshooting: Ability to check your JBed health. Also provide a way to fix what Opera Mobile 9 messes up (URL, HTML, ICONS, etc.)

JZ SmartMort works perfectly on my HTC Fuze (Diamond Touch Pro), HTC StarTrek (3125), HTC Kaiser (Tilt), HTC Wizard (8525) and BlackJack II. I also test on WM2003, WM5, WM6 and WM6.1 emulator ROMs from Microsoft.
I use my software every day and I designed it to be the missing link of Windows Mobile. The point was to try to find a workaround for anything WM is missing. Please make suggestions if you think something is worthwhile or if I messed something up.

When mapped to a hardware button users can copy/paste, clipboard history, favorites and more tools including ability to choose from multiple installed browsers when a URL is clicked.

the JZ SmartMort free for Pocket PC

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