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» KeySwop

Rating: 5/5
Summary: KeySwop is a simple tool for you to remap the softkeys on the today screen.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Feb 26, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Customization, Enhancement, today, keys

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» KeySwop Description

KeySwop is a simple tool for you to remap the softkeys on the today screen.

Installation Notes:

- Download the CAB file and transfer it to your device. Do not open the CAB file as if it is a ZIP file.
- On your device, launch your file explorer and locate the CAB file.
- Tap on the CAB file to start installation.

Usage Notes:

- Select the target links using the "Browse" buttons and edit the labels if needed.
- You can also add new shortcuts to your Start Menu from the dropdown list using the "Add" button.
- Click on "Apply" to apply the changes for the relevant softkey.

Video Preview of KeySwop

Update Description:

v0.4.1 (02-01-2009):
- Added support for HTC TouchFLO.
- Fixed issues with HTC TouchFLO 3D.
- Corrected some typo mistakes.

Version 0.4 (9th October 2008)
- Added support for HTC TouchFLO 3D

Version 0.3 (11th June 2008)
- Added reset function.
- Added "Task Manager" shortcut for Windows Mobile 6.1.
- Allow unicode characters to be used for labels.
- Fixed issues with Windows Mobile 6.1.

Version 0.2.3 (31st January 2008)
- Supports 320x320 screen.
- Added one new shortcut.

Version 0.2.2 (24th January 2008)
- Added more shortcuts.

v0.2.1 (12-01-2008):
- Added more shortcuts.
The new shortcuts found in KeySwop v0.2.1 include:
- New Appt
- New Note
- Calendar (Agenda View)
- Calendar (Day View)
- Calendar (Week View)
- Calendar (Month View)
- Calendar (Year View)
- Inbox of Outlook E-mail
- SMS Inbox

v0.2 (28-12-2007):
- Fixed softkey settings loss problem.
- Fixed detection of Start Menu folder on non-English ROMs.
- Last used path for Open File and Save File dialogs now separated.
- Open File dialog now includes EXE/CPL files.
- Changes in UI.

v0.1 (22-12-2007):
- First Release.

the KeySwop free for Pocket PC

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