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» KreHolPongHD

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Fantastic pong remake a must download for all WVGA devices. Very fun and enemy artificial intelligence will make you feel like your playing a person.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.1,6.5, touchro 2,HD2, all WVGA devices

Arrived: May 27, 2010
Found under: games, fun, action, adventure, pong, puzzle, arcade,

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» KreHolPongHD Description
KreHol inc. presents PongHD for all WVGA devices. You control your paddle with the stylus going against 2 very smart enemy paddles. The goal is who reaches 100 points 1st wins. You gain 5 points for every goal scored. Your score is located on bottom right of screen.The enemy score is located top left of screen. Top right of screen is restart and exit button.

Also included in this package on the homescreen is a blue marble tap it and you will be transfered a website which has new games and apps. Some that you wont find anywhere else. This is a must download for any WVGA gamer. Tested on touchpro2,Xperia1x,and HD2.


1)Click on the cab. file and it will give you option to install on device or storage card.
2)After installation look for the KreHol folder in the program section. All future games made by KreHol when installed will go to the same folder organized automatically saving you the trouble. Enjoy the game and look out for future products!!!! If you like any of our games or apps you have permission to share and upload the game just give us credit. If you would like to support us please donate to thank you.

the KreHolPongHD free for Pocket PC

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