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» LCMinutes

Rating: 4/5
Summary: LCMinutes keeps track of phone calls and text messages (SMS), calculates their charge based on user defined rate plan

Windows Mobile 5 / 6 Pocket PC

Arrived: Feb 28, 2008
Found under: utilities, minutes, count, SMS, plan

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» LCMinutes Description

Version 1.38:

* Feature change: Monitoring balance info in service messages from Kuwait Zain and T-Mobile USA is supported, along with Canadian Rogers and Fido.
* Feature change: used data display format changed: now decimal places or fractional digits is changed to 2 or 1 or 0 based on the size of the used data.
* Feature change: add more traces for debugging.
* Bug fix: currency symbol with multiple characters supported.

NOW COMPATIBLE WITH Windows Mobile 5 or higher

LCMinutes keeps track of phone calls and text messages (SMS), calculates their charge based on user defined rate plan, and thus keep user informed of the up-to-date balance information: like current charges, used free minutes, used free messages, expire date for prepaid plans, etc.

Main features:

* Monitoring all phone call and text messages: all incoming and outgoing calls and messages are traced;

* Calculating every phone call or text message charge: depend on rate plan, this could mean real charge, reduction of free minutes or free messages, or nothing;

* Support time based monthly charge and daily surcharge, and reset of counter for free minutes and free messages;

* Support user manually adjusting of balance, expire date;

* Provide today plugin for easy checking of balance;

* Support very flexible rate plan: prepaid or not, different rates for weekday, weekend, evening, different rate for starting minutes every day, different rates for incoming and outgoing messages, etc;

* Support importing existing phone call logs and text messages;

* Support deleting single call/message/balance record and deleting all the records.

* For Canadian Rogers prepaid plan user, it can monitor service message from Rogers too get the exact balance information.


To try LCMinutes:

1. Click the Download link to get the software
2. After download, copy it to the target pocket pc phone and click the downloaded file to install it;

3. After installation, reboot the phone;

4. After phone is rebooted, the LCMinutes today plugin should be displayed on the today screen, click on it to start LCMinutes main application;

5. Choose Menu -> Setting to setup the rate plan;

6. Choose Balance setting to setup an initial balance;

7. Done.

more info at the developer blog

the LCMinutes free for Pocket PC

Made by: Rogers

» Comments

Tue-8-Dec at 3:38 am
el_president wrote...
Hi, I have problem with installation. The setup file is not .CAB but .XML. Just when I clik him, open the Exlorer with code. Pls help me. Thanks
Thu-3-Apr at 1:35 am
iPAQ Dave wrote...
I love this program - works great on my iPAQ. Never get surprised by your cellphone bill again! Check the website for the latest version (1.42, I believe).
Mon-28-Jan at 12:06 pm
LyonPlus wrote...
Using special rates for network based rates, this feature is specifically designed for this kind of rate plan.
Sat-26-Jan at 10:21 pm
Muratkhan wrote...
My call charges are operator based. I mean when I call a number starting with a different operator code (like 0505 1111111 instead of 0532 1111111) I pay more. Any improvements for this ?
Sat-19-Jan at 10:26 pm
LyonPlus wrote...
Hi, just want you to know I have uploaded version 1.20, which supports import/export rate plan and balance, and also have some minor changes. And its smartphone edition is also ready for the Windows Mobile 5/6 smartphones that are allowed to install unsigned applications.
Tue-8-Jan at 10:03 pm
jacob wrote...
Tue-8-Jan at 9:25 am
robs wrote... another smartphone user counting on smartphone release soon... are you working on that version? if so, when can we expect it to be released? regards..
Mon-7-Jan at 8:59 pm
LyonPlus wrote...
Hi, LCMinutes 1.12 is now ready to support long distance rates, pay per call phone numbers (like 900 numbers), etc.
Sat-5-Jan at 11:51 am
LyonPlus wrote...
Hi, just want you to know LCMinutes has been updated to version 1.11. And now it supports free numbers along with many other options for rate plan that were introduced with version 1.10.
Mon-31-Dec at 9:42 am
Chris wrote...
Thanks for the info LyonPlus. This program is a great idea and I look forward to a future version compatable with WM6 standard

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