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» LiviShare for instant photo and video sharing

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Best tool for instantly sharing your mobile's photo and video to family/friends anywhere. No video, photo and file size limitation. support resume transferring support 2G/3G/WIFI network. support SMS and Email notification

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6 , 6.1, 6.5

Arrived: Oct 21, 2010
Found under: photo sharing, video sharing, file sharing

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» LiviShare for instant photo and video sharing Description

Seamless integration with cell phone contact list
  • Can send pictures, video clips, files to anyone in your cell phone contact list without registration!

  • Instantly catch and share
  • No matter where you are, you can always take a shot of the most beautiful moment by your cell phone built-in camera, and immediately share it with your family or friends.
  • The picture's quality and size sent by Livishare is much better than what MMS does. Livishare keeps the original picutres unchanged, but MMS sends contracted pictures.
  • You can also record video clips through your cell phone, and send them to your family and friends anytime, without any duration or size limitation on the clips.
  • You can choose different icons along your sending to express your different moods.

  • Media Library
  • Easily search out favourite pictures/video clips/musics through it, and share them with friends.

  • Powerful file transfer and resume function
  • Can choose any number of files on your phone and send to others. No limitation on the file's size.
  • Support transfer resume and quickly recover uncompleted tasks. No worry about unstability of cell phone network any more.
  • Can add or delete files during the transfer, which is much more powerful than smartphone's email application.

  • Email or SMS notification
  • Powerful email or SMS notification, which ensures the receivers get notified at the first time.
  • Supports SMS/Email/MSN/Facebook/Twitter notification.

  • Privacy protection
  • Great privacy protection function.
  • LiviShare only sends to people you specified. And only the specified ones can download and see the content.

  • On-demand network connection, save subscribers data cost
  • Connect to network only when subscribers are sending pictures, video clips or other types of files. It won't generate any data traffic in any other time.
  • Compared with other cell phone softwares, most of them require user registration and login, which will generate a lot unuseful data traffic and increase the data cost.
  • LiviShare is a real GREEN network software!

  • Support global subscribers, totally independent on any carrier
  • Subscribers can use LiviShare to send and receive pictures, video or other digital files via any carrier's data network or home WIFI access.

  • Support many network connections
  • Support 2G/GPRS/EDGE network
  • Support 3G/LTE network
  • Support WiMAX network
  • Support WIFI network
  • Support ActiveSync (only for windows phone)
  • TubeMate



    the LiviShare for instant photo and video sharing free for Pocket PC

    » Comments

    Wed-22-Feb at 12:15 pm
    juan spinos wrote...
    Thu-20-Oct at 11:38 am
    Derick Best wrote...
    Mon-26-Sep at 12:31 am
    Jeff wrote...
    Freezes when it tries to start the camera. Not usable on my LG Expo GW820. Lose the the bear too. lol
    Thu-1-Sep at 2:40 pm
    Derick Best wrote...
    keeps saying upload failed,whats up wit dat...other than that a good app..please fix asap.....
    Wed-10-Aug at 10:53 am
    Quanyell wrote...
    kept reading registering failed, please try again later. it has the potential to become a great app just needs 2 work out the kinks. HTC HD2
    Fri-26-Nov at 7:02 pm
    rick wrote...
    does any one know why i keep getting registering failed, please try again later?
    Sat-30-Oct at 5:55 pm
    chris wright wrote...
    great little slow on downloads but works great
    Wed-27-Oct at 8:29 am
    ahsnstkd wrote...
    good. korea
    Wed-27-Oct at 3:36 am
    Dario wrote...
    Work as expected. Great app!
    Thu-21-Oct at 12:09 pm
    John Holmes wrote...
    As I was reading the description, I found this out to be a great program. I was sold on downloading it. That was until 6 read that it was a "GREEN" program. you have got to be kidding me. That instantly made me change my mind. There is nothing "GREEN" about this, and only about 2% of people for for the whole "GREEN" lifestyle. Way to go, moron.

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