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» LockDown

Rating: 2/5
Summary: Protect files and programs on your device with this locking application

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Nov 16, 2008
Found under: lock, protect, security, system tools

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» LockDown Description
Don't you hate it when you let someone play with your shiny new WM phone they usually go right to your SMS inbox?

this version requires you to change all the .lnk files pointing to tmail.exe, or to the dll...maybe even other ones...
I say all lnk's but the most important are the ones the "friend" is going see/use. I've included a shortcut creator in the attachment.

In FileList.ini specify the application to block, in the included file it's WIndows mail.exe and i've used msg as argument.

so in the .lnk would point to lockdown.exe with the argument msg if the passcode is correct the file will be opened.

it's not very quick (since it needs to be opened) but this should change in the next version.

the passcode can be changed in the settings.ini, default is 12345

How to...

How to open messages :
	msg,Windows	mail.exe,
Open SMS messages :
	msg,Windows	mail.exe,-service "SMS"
Open MMS :
	msg,Windows	mail.exe,-service "MMS"
Create a new SMS :
	msg,Windows	mail.exe,-service "SMS" -to ""
Open a website :

Lock a file :
	test,Windows	est.htm,
This doesn't work unless test.htm is in the same folder as Server.exe

more info here

the LockDown free for Pocket PC

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