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» Magic Sudoku v1.0

Rating: 4/5
Summary: MagicSudoku is designed to be an easy to use sudoku solving software.

* Windows Mobile 5.0 and later
* .NET CF v2.0

Arrived: Dec 11, 2007
Found under: Games, Puzzle, sudoku

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» Magic Sudoku v1.0 Description
MagicSudoku is designed to be an easy to use sudoku solving software. Many people will say that a sudoku is meant to be solved using only a pen and a piece of paper and that using a software is some kind of cheating, but I believe that using a software that only does what you would do anyway by hand using your pen and paper isnt cheating at all, so I designed MagicSudoku with this goal in mind.

Before developing MagicSudoku, I searched the web for a good sudoku software that would suit my needs. I found out that a lot of sudoku softwares exist out there, but not many of them are really user friendly and more important, very few good sudoku software have a Pocket PC version. Since my primary goal was to have a good sudoku software that I could use both on my PC and my Pocket PC, I finally decided that the best thing to do was to develop my own software. And now that it's reached a stable state, I decided share MagicSudoku with you all. So I really hope that you will enjoy MagicSudoku as much as I do.

The Pocket PC version of MagicSudoku is the first version to be released. It features a complete sudoku solving software for your Pocket PC. This is the main version of MagicSudoku, which means that all the new funtionnalities are developped on the Pocket PC platform first and then ported to the PC version. This is not a downgraded version of the PC version.

MagicSudoku for PocketPC requires Windows Mobile 5+ and a VGA display (640x480 pixels). This doesnt mean that it wont work on an older OS or a smaller screen, but it has been developped and tested for this configuration, so if you use it on any other configuration, it may not work as good.

MagicSudoku is developped using the Microsoft .Net Compact framework 2.0 and requires the framework runtime to be installed on your Pocket PC in order to work. I personnaly only own a Dell Axim x51v Pocket PC, so this is the platform on which I test and use MagicSudoku and I never had the chance to test it myself on any other device, but since it's based on the .Net Compact framework, it will work well on any device that can run the framework.

Key features:

* Pocket PC version
* Automatic pencilmarks or markups
* Intuitive user interface
* Grid validation (know at anytime if you misplaced a digit)
* Integrated Sudoku generator (easy, medium, hard)
* Basic Sudoku solver
* Coloring tool for advanced solving techniques
* Save/Load grids

the Magic Sudoku v1.0 free for Pocket PC

Made by: Mathieu Girard

» Comments

Fri-3-Oct at 5:25 pm
jose miranda wrote...
it's very amazing
Sat-19-Jul at 12:31 pm
Jose RA wrote...
Muito bom
Mon-19-May at 11:27 am
Stazzi wrote...
Well shoot this looks like a very well done program. When installed on my HTC 6800, you can only see 1/3 of the screen and when you scroll to another part of the board, the numbers arent aligned in the boxes properly. They get all skewed. I dont know if that is partially my problem or not. But because I cant see the whole board, its a bit difficult to concentrate when I have to constantly scroll around. It does have a very good attention to detail though. Perhaps too much? I just wish it was smaller.
Tue-6-May at 9:28 am
fred wrote...
I tried to load it on a Dell Axim x51 (not sure which version) - anyway, it reported that I had the wrong version of .NET - any pointers to how to upgrade it
Tue-29-Apr at 10:44 am
Terry wrote...
Been looking for something like this for a while.
Thu-6-Dec at 3:35 am
prakash wrote...
very good

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