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» McDoWMobile

Rating: 3/5
Summary: UPDATE!! When we are in a group, it is not always easy to remember the order to be make at McDonalds... If we are driving and that we should speak to a microphone, with kids screaming...! And as we do not always pencil or paper in hand ... here is the solution (and only to date as I know), Windows Mobile, to be able, easily, take note of the order, read it after directly. And why not send it by SMS... if you want your friends (or your wife) to speedy go to McDonalds !

Arrived: Aug 17, 2010
Found under: productivity, organize, mcdonalds, order

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» McDoWMobile Description
Update to Version 1.2c
- add specials in list with dynamical management by .xml file
- add functionnality to read item's names for prelisted one
- relocated resources
- add .xml gestion for foreign languages (different as french/english)
- add booting infos
- add DE.xml file as example for foreign language (in this case german)
- add date of ingredients.xml file in the options menu
- add cancel button in options menu
- modify ingredients.xml in having only one language, in node
- adapt listing ingredients to increase/decrease font size
- add pictures for specials items, as listed in .xml

get more details on XDA on on the website, or in the ReadMe.txt file

Its usage is simple:
- Click on the image of the desired section:
1st line = Sandwiches - Beverages - Coaching
2nd line = happymeal - Menus - Salads
3rd line = Dessert - Breakfast - Specials
- In the category "Special" are of special items, limited in time
- Once in a category, click on the image to increment the counter (1)
- If you want to remove an item, click on "-1", then click on the item to a decrement
- If you want to erase all selections from the page of the current category, click on the trash - If you click on "List" (top right), you arrive on the checkout. Here, you can completely erase button ("Trash") or send the command shown by SMS (button "SMS")
- To return to the first page, click on "House"
- To change the language, click on "Options" at the bottom left

Language: french, english

Resolution: from WQVGA (240*400) to all upper (autoredimensionnement)

Tested successfully on my i900 and on several HTC HD2 (WM 6.5 and french, english).

* Version WITH runtimes eVB

* Version WITHOUT les runtimes eVB

- Not all possible items are listed, because the whole choice, for all McDo all around the world will be really to huge to manage... If you need something which isn't listed, you easily could go in the Special Category and use the last button, with the Clownface, to have listed "unlisted meal", so you could remember your personnalized order
- The choice items are those that are underway in Switzerland, dated 08/15/2010
- Images and Names remain the exclusive property of McDonalds
- Consider the nature, use garbage cans !

the McDoWMobile free for Pocket PC

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