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» mConvert WVGA

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Version 2 of that simple and attractive unit converter, mConvert. WVGA only !

Windows Mobile 6 - 6.5 WVGA resolution screen Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Touch screen

Arrived: Jul 5, 2010
Found under: convert, converter, units, unit, unit converter, utilities, tools, wvga

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» mConvert WVGA Description
mConvert allows you to convert between multiple units easily, using an attractive user interface.

Allows conversions in the following unit categories:
- Area
- Length
- Power
- Temperature
- Velocity
- Velocity
- Computers
- Force
- Frequency
- Volume
- Weight
- Acceleration
- Cooking
- Energy
- Pressure
- Torque

***IMPORTANT*** This version ONLY designed for WVGA devices, and has only been tested on Windows Mobile emulator, and HTC Diamond 2. Should work on any WVGA device.

This is now a powerful converter app, able to rival many of the other converters on the market. And best of all? It's still FREE!! But as before, donations are kindly accepted :D

Visit the XDA-Developers site:

- 05/07/2010 (Version - Added various conversions
- 21/05/2010 (Version - Added ability to use a "Result" value as an "Input Value" by hold-clicking the result and selecting "Use as Input Value", bug fix (details on XDA)
- 20/05/2010 (Version - Added splash screen, bug fix (details on XDA)
- 15/05/2010 (Version - Added 10 extra categories with a large amount of new unit conversions, minor UI change
- 06/05/2010 (Version 1) - Added ability to convert between Sq/Ft > Acres and Acres Sq/Ft

the mConvert WVGA free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sat-2-Jul at 11:14 pm
stivenkim wrote...
Very nice app^^
Thu-2-Jun at 3:47 pm
jimenezshoes wrote...
Works good HD2 Thanks
Tue-24-May at 11:05 pm
manbat wrote...
Any support for Negative temps yet? Good app!!
Tue-24-May at 11:04 pm
manbat wrote...
Great Apps!! Any support for negative Temps yet?
Tue-24-May at 8:52 pm
manbat wrote...
Great Apps!! Any support for negative Temps yet?
Thu-24-Mar at 7:00 pm
ffnick wrote...
finger friendly on HTC HD2
Tue-5-Oct at 2:02 pm
JoKeR wrote...
Very simple interface, easy using. Working well on my HD2.
Thu-26-Aug at 2:07 am
Admin wrote...
great free tool
Sat-14-Aug at 5:13 pm
Tor Skuggevik wrote...
Worked for a while. But suddenly it won't start.
Tue-10-Aug at 1:46 pm
Mehran wrote...
it's cool

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