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» MissedCallReminder

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Vibrate and or generate a chosen sound at a set interval, to notify the user that there are missed calls or unread SMS messages.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Feb 23, 2009
Found under: utilities, reminder, notification, SMS, missed, call

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» MissedCallReminder Description
Updated v1.2.5.2 ready for download

- Option to turn on/off missed call/unread sms alert
- Option to startup with windows
- Better Browse for file support

MissedCallReminder will make your device to vibrate and or generate a chosen sound at a set interval, to notify the user that there are missed calls or unread SMS messages. Tt will wake up the device if necessary to give the notification.

How to use:
install the cab on the device or the storage card.
launch the application and set your preferences.
click apply, the program will minimize. it is necessary to keep the program running to have it generate new reminders.

For more information and updates please follow this forum post

the MissedCallReminder free for Pocket PC

Made by: md286

» Comments

Sun-6-Dec at 12:13 am
Wanker wrote...
This program locked my front door and started a fire in the kitchen... the family were all killed except me - I managed to break a window and escape by falling upwards into the sky - luckily a passing plane stopped me leaving orbit - then I woke up.... wow, this program is soooo cool.... a real mind blower! LOL
Tue-10-Mar at 8:43 am
Rainersen wrote...
some negatives: - cannot her the selected Reminder tone - App doesnt save settings eg. 'reminder in minutes' - no possibility to set setting like 'autostart=Yes/No' question: what means setting 'Lock screen on connect'?
Wed-25-Feb at 7:34 pm
nita wrote...
is this workinng for apantech duo??? and how to install
Mon-23-Feb at 9:18 pm
brettfavre wrote...
cann anyone tell me if I can download it to my sprint mogul cause I don't want to do it if its a crappy feature n messes my phone up someone write back gopack
Mon-22-Dec at 6:34 am
aly wrote...
... it's a useful tool, so I havn't to discover my HTC TD out of its bag to check missed calls and messages :-) ... but I couldn't find any way to edit the option after once edited. To change the settings I have to reinstall the tool - or is there any other way to do so? Regards from Germany
Thu-20-Nov at 12:22 pm
oboh wrote...
just checking it out
Wed-19-Nov at 9:38 pm
hendi wrote...
something wrong here and I don't know why. when the sms come, the program took all cpu resource (it likes looping). I have to use soft reset, lucky I didn't set to startup. I used default setting. anyone can help?
Tue-18-Nov at 3:29 am
vinod wrote...
i like this application. but show me how to use it and download it .
Mon-3-Nov at 8:34 pm
dave wrote...
the program pretty nice.. perhaps some extra features need to be added... --> repeat number. (This is sort of like auto-stop purpose) Fyi, I'm using Throttle Launcher now.. so, this program can't be triggered off once reminder alarm ring...
Mon-3-Nov at 3:22 pm
pete wrote...
I can't seem to change the reminder tone, no files are shown. Regards

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