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» mLock

Rating: 4/5
Summary: mLock is a device lock application for Windows Mobile phones

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.Net Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Mar 26, 2009
Found under: Misc, lock, protect, security, system tools

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» mLock Description
mLock is a the moment only a device lock with pass code. In the near future I'll add support for locking application and for better configuration I'll make a settings tool.

Attention: mLock is no high-security lock.


* option: starts when device goes to suspend
* option: starts when S2U2 gets unlocked
* customizable abortive attempts allowed
* phone locked for 1 minute after customizable abortive attempts
* Graphical User Interface
* skin support
* orientation: Portrait and Landscape
* supported resolutions: VGA,QVGA/WQVGA
* multilingual support
* AppToDate support


* Settings tool
* Application lock
* VGA/WVGA version
* maybe more features


* run CAB as usual
* open registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwaremerlotmLock"
* change number of abortive attempts (default: 3)
* change reaction time (default: 1000ms)
* choose start option
- on suspend: 1 - on / 0 - off (default: 1)
- on S2U2 unlock: 1 - on / 0 - off (default: 0 - if 1 it overrides "on suspend")
* run mLock.exe and set your passcode
* done and enjoy

mLock Screenshots

mLock is a device lock application for Windows Mobile phones mLock is a device lock application for Windows Mobile phones

the mLock free for Pocket PC

Made by: merlot

» Comments

Mon-9-Jul at 9:06 pm
London bae wrote...
can someone plz give me the default lock code I am locked out of my own phone smh
Mon-8-Nov at 6:23 pm
ernest cribari wrote...
I have the HTC HD2 and it works great on it.
Thu-21-Oct at 7:25 pm
Alejandro Field wrote...
cant change the pass
Tue-14-Sep at 5:23 pm
Eduardo wrote...
Do Not get this piece of crap app. Especially for HTC HD2
Sat-11-Sep at 3:09 pm
oscar wrote...
good lock but the problem is how to change to another passcode hd2
Tue-3-Aug at 10:01 am
Alberelli wrote...
Plante au lancement sur HD2...
Mon-2-Aug at 3:04 am
nathan wrote...
what's with that barcode?
Sat-24-Jul at 4:06 am
keith Hamilton wrote...
who can give me a better lock app than this one or the one that looks like the iphone because it did some damage to my phone and i had to do a factory reset so yeah any ideas for the hd2
Mon-28-Jun at 3:49 pm
Rick wrote...
Beautyful lock app. Worked for 3 days on my HD2, then it locked me out. The SIM-locker wasn't correct focused and mLock ran in the background. Fast multiple tapping on my numbers dislocked my SIM and mLock-Interface came back. Deinstalled now.
Fri-30-Apr at 5:59 pm
jose wrote...
DO NOT GET APP.....!! my phone died and app went crazy locked itself...had to do master reset

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