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» MMAppLauncher

Rating: 4/5
Summary: MMAppLauncher is a full Start Menu and Settings replacement similar to Android.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Dec 6, 2010
Found under: utilities, tools, start, menu, launch

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» MMAppLauncher Description
MMAppLauncher is a full Start Menu and Settings replacement similar to Android. It does more than just replace your original, boring start menu. It keeps track of your most 20 recent run apps, as well as allowing you to save an app as favorite. Another unique feature that MMAL has to offer is the ability to run any process (similar to Run under Windows) with given arguments. On top of the cool features mentioned, MMAL also allows you to modify any shortcut name and icon of your choice with a few touches of your finger tip.

- Full Start Menu replacement
- Keep tracks of 20 recent run apps
- Save apps as favorite for easy access
- Run processes similar to Windows Run (supports arguments)
- Full Settings replacement

the MMAppLauncher free for Pocket PC

Made by: Maximus.Mobile

» Comments

Tue-15-May at 3:46 pm
Daksham Ratanchandani wrote...
Useless App..:(
Wed-15-Feb at 5:17 am
juan spinos wrote...
gracias a ud
Tue-27-Dec at 4:19 am
foong ming wrote...
works only when u launch it. never overrides even u selected n restarted it. doesnt serve de purpose n not convenient to use.
Thu-15-Dec at 9:54 am
preetam wrote...
not good its very badly and slow all application so.... bad.....
Wed-17-Aug at 1:07 pm
andy b wrote...
This is/was a grest app its what i've been looking for but it has one major failing wifi doesn't work when active. i'm using omnia 2 Shame!!
Mon-15-Aug at 2:51 am
Suhailudheen wrote...
very bad
Mon-15-Aug at 2:49 am
Suhailudheen wrote...
could not download it
Mon-15-Aug at 2:46 am
Suhailudheen wrote...
very wonderful
Tue-9-Aug at 11:06 am
adzrin wrote...
nice app... working great at my omnia2
Sat-25-Jun at 10:07 am
Wolfy D wrote...
looks good and works on my hd2 nut uses allot of memory some apps crashed after a little while with it running in the background

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