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» Mobile Altimeter

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Altimeter application for windows mobile phones

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Oct 8, 2008
Found under: gps, altimeter, height, measure, tools

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» Mobile Altimeter Description
Altimeter for windows mobile devices. We have a background that symbolizes "altitude" which is appealing to end users. Plus it gives the program a lot of style and class. On the left side of the screen if you look carefully, you will notice we have an attitude ruler, which has a marker that rises one pixel for every foot higher the device travels up to 180 feet.

This simple feature really takes our application up to the next level. :D (Yeah, I know: Iím terrible.)

At the bottom of the screen we are allowing the user to read all the main stats off the GPS so the application is even more useful. We show altitude in a large bold font in the middle of the screen for impact.

the Mobile Altimeter free for Pocket PC

Made by: Chris Craft

» Comments

Sat-22-Jan at 3:35 pm
Warren Carman wrote...
should bar non functioning apps from even making these lists
Thu-20-May at 6:26 pm
Deki wrote...
Didn't work for me on HTC HD2.
Thu-22-Apr at 9:22 am
Armando wrote...
it doesn'work with acer phones
Thu-8-Apr at 8:55 pm
Joshua Mack wrote...
wrong screen size for HD2
Mon-4-Jan at 2:20 pm
gary rich wrote...
Wed-18-Nov at 11:31 pm
Ricardo wrote...
Wed-18-Nov at 11:29 pm
Ricardo wrote...
Tried numerous time, didn't download in my iPhone 3g
Sun-18-Oct at 8:38 am
chris wrote...
I do not understand why are you so proud if the software does NOT work ?
Wed-19-Aug at 3:26 am
Christian RÝrdam wrote...
.NET Framework Compact: You can download it from
Thu-16-Jul at 4:04 am
Amit wrote...
I'm using a HTC touch (sprint) with the latest ROM and WM 6.1. It says my microsoft NET framework isn't new enough for this to work. Can I manually update this or am I out of luck?

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