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» mobileHUSH

Rating: 3/5
Summary: mobileHUSH is lets you specify how long you want your phone / PDA be in silent / vibrate / flight mode.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003/ 5 / 6

Arrived: Jan 2, 2008
Found under: utilities, silent, vibrate, timer,

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» mobileHUSH Description
HUSH is Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC application which allows you to put your PDA/phone in silent, vibrate, or flight mode for a specified period and when complete, the PDA/phone returns to normal mode.

Have your ever:
. Gone to the movies and forgotten to switch you phone off silent mode when it finished?
. Been on a flight and only discovered hours later that you forgot to switch on your phone?
. Been afraid to turn off your phone when going into an important meeting because you always seem to forget to turn it on again?

Then mobileHUSH is for you!

For Example: You are going to the movies, you know it finish in about 2.5 hours. Run mobileHUSH, enter 2.5 hours and select Silent mode. Your device will in silent mode for 2.5 hours and not a second longer.

To install, run the Hush.exe on your desktop PC

the mobileHUSH free for Pocket PC

Made by: LeadingIT

» Comments

Mon-3-Aug at 6:28 pm
Andrew wrote...
Ok, update on my previous post. It didn't work on my Tilt using WinMo 6.0, but I updated to 6.1 and now it works. But the previous comments are correct-- This is most certainly NOT freeware.
Sun-2-Aug at 9:49 pm
Andrew wrote...
Sounds like a great idea, but, unfortunately, it doesn't work. It doesn't switch my phone back to normal.
Fri-23-Jan at 2:48 am
jay wrote...
can i get it in cab or Zip format for my Windows mobile 5 ?
Mon-24-Nov at 10:58 am
dmnd wrote...
I have this on my 8925 tilt for a couple months and it works fine... I find it useful and easy to use. As far as I can tell, you'd only pay money if you do not want to see the annoying message. I agree that if it were truly free that there should be no message, but it still works.
Sun-31-Aug at 10:04 am
huubke wrote...
Mon-7-Jan at 7:09 pm
whicky1978 wrote...
It would not return my phone to normal, but I had no problem unistallig on my WM5 (Cingular 8125)
Mon-7-Jan at 6:17 am
V4hai wrote...
Crap.. it ain't a freeware.... don't put this thing at this forum...
Thu-3-Jan at 12:49 pm
Senior Martoniki wrote...
Who deleted my old message? Beware! This is NOT freeware!
Thu-3-Jan at 9:23 am
matty wrote...
I put this on my Wing it doesn't work, its difficult to remove, and it takes up over 425KB...BOO! this stinks! Now I have do upload another program to remove this one.

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