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Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Windows Mobile has many ways to get details about the device our application is running on.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Jul 3, 2008
Found under: information, phone, system

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» MobileInfo Description
Information is power. And with the .NET Compact Framework we can have all the information we want. Windows Mobile has many ways to get details about the device our application is running on. Hands down my favorite is the State and Notification Broker. In a word it ROCKS! You can use it to find out any number of things and you can use it to notify us when information we care about change state.

There are pieces of information that are so important in their own right, they could be used to create an application just to monitor and read that one detail. The first one that comes to mind is battery state.

I thought of a few ways I could make this application flashy, but decided that might get in the way of the facts. Sometimes a simple notepad like application is the most beautiful application. Form and function were meant to be together, but sometimes forms steals the show, and function is what everyone came to see.

So instead we have a WebBrowser control with a simple text listing of the device’s most important details. I decided to use a WebBrowser control in case I ever did want to use more advanced text format.

We stick to our guns about keeping control simple and intuitive. We have a great menu with only a few options: Refresh, About, and Exit.

the MobileInfo free for Pocket PC

Made by: Chris Craft

» Comments

Fri-4-Jul at 12:59 pm
Gerry wrote...
I'm not surprised, considering how vague the product description above is. Actually, I used to have NET CF 2.0 installed on this device (Axim x51v), but got rid of it. It was just a waste of space, because all the apps I tried that were written for it were slow, quirky, or bug-infested -- sometimes all of the above. ;-) There are plenty of great mobile apps that require neither .NET CF nor any kind of runtime module, such as vB, etc.
Fri-4-Jul at 3:18 am
RxJosh24 wrote...
did nothing at all...
Thu-3-Jul at 7:52 pm
Casey wrote...
Gerry, don't worry, I have Compact Net Framework 2.0 running on my 8125 and after downloading this software, it didn't do squat. When I tap on it in my program files it acts like it is loading then stop and nothing happens. You didn't miss much...
Thu-3-Jul at 5:05 pm
Gerry wrote...
It would be nice if your software descriptions included details like "requires Compact Net Framework 2.0". This app, for example, reqires it. I had to wait for an error message after installation to find that out.

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