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» MobileMagic

Rating: 4/5
Summary: MobileMagic is supposed to make your life with your HTC easier.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET CF v3.5

Arrived: Jul 7, 2009
Found under: Utilites, Enhancement, htc, touch hd, rotation, stylus

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» MobileMagic Description

MobileMagic is supposed to make your life with your HTC easier. You can customize any events say for example you need to launch the notes application when you pull the stylus out, etc. You can restrict the auto rotation of screen for specific apps.

In general it activates automatic G rotation for any application!

Buttons and Events that can be assigned to actions:

- Rotation of your device triggers special actions (e.g. FaceDown turns screen of).
- Stylus In.
- Stylus Out.
- Power button (short).
- Power button (long).
- Volume Up (1 to 3 time).
- Volume Down (1 to 3 times).
- Take Call (1 to 3 times).
- Home -> Not supported yet.
- Backspace (1 to 3 times).
- Hang Up (1 to 3 times).
- GPS Fix Found.
- GPS Fix Lost.
- Portrait During Call -> Not supported yet.
- No Portrait During Call -> Not supported yet.

Actions that can be assigned:

- Start Application.
- Play Sound.
- Save window info -> Not supported yet.
- Screen On.
- Screen Off.
- Screen Toggle.
- DenyRotate (this is in particular for App rules see below).
- Rotate Potrait.
- Rotate RevPotrait.
- Rotate Landscape.
- Rotate RevLandscape.
- Lock Screen.
- Soft Reset.
- Hard Reset.
- Show MobileMagic.
- Hide MobileMagic.
- Power Off.
- Show Home.
- Show Dial.
- Vol Up.
- Vol Down.
- DPad Left.
- DPad Right.
- DPad Up.
- DPad Down.
- LightUp.
- LightDown.
- GPS On.
- GPS Off.
- BT Off.
- BT On.
- BT Discoverable.
- BT Toogle (On).
- BT Toogle (Disc).
- Wifi On,Off,Toggle.
- Phone On, Off, Toggle.
- Activate Stay On.
- Deactivate Stay On.
App Rules:

This are rules that deactivate rotation for specific apps or force them to a particular rotation.
Be aware of that only DenyRotate, Rotate Potrait, Rotate RevPotrait, Rotate Landscape Rotate RevLandscape are considered as valid rules.

So as of right now you cannot assign playing a sound when a certain app opens.

Seperate app profiles:

For using the seperate app profiles do the following:
- Create App rule for the application you target.
- Select "Seperate Profile for App".
- Save App rule.
- Select profile and edit.


- AutoStart MobileMagic.
- Start hidden.
- Stay On.
- Speed/Cache optimizer.
- GPS.
- GPS while power off.

How to install:

You need to install .NET compact framework 3.5. Afterwards you can just copy the contents of the attached ZIP onto your device.

Be aware of that many options only get active after you explicitly exit MobileMagic and you restart it.

Use this software at your own risk.

If you like this tool, please consider donate to the developer.

Update Description:

- Advanced GPS Control.
- Tray Icon off by default.

- Fix for crash when writing SMS or EMail.

- Wifi and Phone actions added.

- Added several "actions" to control Bluetooth.
- Added notify icon for people not using TFL3D.

- App setting "Free rotation" should work now with default behaviour "Rotate Portrait".

the MobileMagic free for Pocket PC

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