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» mobilePVD

Rating: 4/5
Summary: This is the Windows Mobile Pocket PC Version (Viewer) of PVD the very best program to organize your movies.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Mar 18, 2010
Found under: multimedia, movies, video, management, personal, database, hobbies, organize, pvd

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» mobilePVD Description
This is the PocketPC Version (Viewer) of PVD the very best program to organize your movies.

How it works First of all, you have to get PVD and enter your movies. After that, make a XML export. This writes a file containing the movie information and a directory containing the pictures. Take both and copy them onto your device. I recommend to copy them onto the SD card in a sub directory PVD. Download mobilePVD and install it on your device. When starting, you will have to select the XML file by clicking Menu->Open DB. Your can select other languages and other skins (if someone makes them Cheesy). You need to have .NET Compact Framework 3.5 installed to run mobilePVD.

When going to a sublist in mobilePVD slide your finger from right to left (i.e. viewing the movie details or selecting directories) and you want to get back, just slide with your finger over the list from left to right...

How to translate In the program directory on the device is a sub directory called "Languages". Within you find the language files. I deployed English and German so far. To make own translations just copy a file to your desktop, open it with any text editor and translate. Please publish your translation on either forum, so I can build the next version with more supported languages.

How to skin also in the program directory you will find a sub directory "Skin" with all the images I use. The images in "Manila WVGA" are for a resolution of 800x480. If you like you can take those bitmaps and change them to fit other resolutions and other colors. Don't forget to adapt the settings in the skin.ini file. And please share your work with us and publish your skins on either forum. I will put them in the download section.

the mobilePVD free for Pocket PC

Made by: Obelix_A

» Comments

Fri-27-Aug at 12:19 pm
arjunbhandari wrote...
this software not working htc p3400i
Sun-15-Aug at 11:12 pm
sooraj wrote...
software not working
Thu-5-Aug at 11:56 pm
Pink wrote...
how do i get PCD??? to enter movies... help
Thu-24-Jun at 7:37 pm
HDSchorsch wrote...
doesnt work @ htc hd2
Fri-21-May at 5:52 pm
rosabelle wrote...
dnt knw if this app is any good going to try it out
Sat-15-May at 11:09 am
p2latyao wrote...
does is work in MotoQ8 thailand
Wed-24-Mar at 7:21 pm
dergago wrote...
@mario: I think you search the Desktop version? Full name is Personal Video Database
Mon-22-Mar at 7:19 am
mario wrote...
does this software work in omnia 2??
Mon-22-Mar at 7:18 am
mario wrote...
does this software work in omnia 2??
Mon-22-Mar at 7:17 am
mario wrote...
how can i download this software??

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