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» MobileTraveler

Rating: 4/5
Summary: MobileTraveler enables you when you are traveling abroad to find your way around there.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Jun 8, 2009
Found under: travel, navigation, poi, landmarks, maps

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» MobileTraveler Description

MobileTraveler enables you when you are traveling abroad (e.g. Japan) to find your way around there. It uses Google to find routes and enables pre-fetching parts of Googles/Microsoft, OpenStreet maps and satellite images at home or any where you have WiFi or cheap datarates of your mobile telephone provider.

Besides this it is especially usefull when you are visiting Japan. Traveling in Japan with the public transport is very safe and a fast way to move around. MobileTraveler contains almost all Japans Honsu area trainlines and all shinkansen tracks.

And best of all it's freeware.

If you find this tool useful, please donate to the developer.

More information here.

Known issues MobileTraveler v1.1:
It is known that the storage card the MobileTraveler v1.1 application is installed on should not be locked (write protected). This is because when saving tracks or adding/editing POI values are saved on this storage card.

The MobileTraveler v1.1 application must be restarted in case a new map is added in the maps directory. This because MobileTraveler v1.1 checks the available maps at startup.

The installation directory of the MapFileConverter v1.1 application on your PC is of importance if you are running Windows Vista. It is not allowed to install it in the "Program Files" directory because Windows Vista does not allow the MapFileConverter v1.1 application to store files in this directory. And that is just was MapFileConverter v1.1 does. It stores the created maps in the Output sub directory. Using the default directory that is sugested by the msi install program works however fine.

Update Description:

- Now supports not only Google Maps but also Microsoft Maps and Openstreet Maps.

the MobileTraveler free for Pocket PC

Made by: Ron Verheij

» Comments

Fri-9-Jul at 1:08 am
Sam Cheung wrote...
Hi, I am using Windows XP SP2. After installing Mapfileconverter, I find I cannot get any map image. i only got white color in the map area. Can you show me what was the problem. Thanks!
Sun-7-Feb at 3:07 pm
Ron Verheij wrote...
It is now updated to the fully free to download version 2.0 The user interface is changed and routing and finding locations is now much easier. Hope it will be add to OpnMarket too. So everybody can benefit from it.
Thu-20-Aug at 2:46 am
Ron Verheij wrote...
Mobiletraveler is updated to version 1.4 a lot of bugs are solved. Customuers say that the product is stable now. Just visit to download MobileTraveler1.4 and the windows download MapFileConverter1.2 too to make your own maps. Mail too if you have any questions or problems with the software.
Tue-16-Jun at 3:36 pm
martinW wrote...
GPS works (on my Glofiish!) if you un-tick 'use cache'. Still says no valid GPS even though positin and signal strength bars are good. My main problem is that it does not zoom consistently. I'll happily donate 10 if the bugs are resolved. Good product otherwise.
Tue-9-Jun at 3:55 pm
Ron Verheij wrote...
I am still busy updating it on regular basis. Checkout Be sure you first install dotnet3.5CF on your mobile device. It is also possible to download large maps with the mapconverter1.1 also found on Be kind and make a small donation of a few cents. This will help me to keep the site online and be able to buy new phones and test the software on these windows mobile phones. It does require GPS if you want to see your exact location. If you do not have GPS however you can still view the maps and use a GPS simulation mode.
Tue-9-Jun at 12:37 am
A PDA wrote...
You can't use GPS, the only thing You can do in this program is to quit the error "...POI.POIXML..." all the time...................
Mon-8-Jun at 2:47 pm
elp619 wrote...
Does this require GPS?
Mon-8-Jun at 9:41 am
A PDA wrote...
Install OK, run ---- and on main screen error "...POI.POIXML...." and it comes now and now and now....
Mon-8-Jun at 8:29 am
walid hilal wrote...
thank you for your softwares

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