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» MoblMsg v1.0

Rating: 5/5
Summary: Group SMS Text Messaging via your MS Mobile Device. Now there is MoblMsg 2.0, Try it for free, it is posted on this site.

Arrived: Apr 1, 2008
Found under: sms, group, chat, messaging, texting, utilities

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» MoblMsg v1.0 Description
MoblMsg 1.0 allows you to Create Group Text Message Lists on your WM phone, Send Text Messages to Groups and Individuals, and Review Sent Messages.

This application lets the user:
* Create Group Message Lists on your phone.
* Send Messages to Groups and/or Individuals in their phone’s “Contacts” list.
* Store and Review a list of Sent Messages to these groups.

* 100% fully functional freeware.
For more features and improvements, try MoblMsg 2.0.
MoblMsg 2.0 is available on this site.

Go to the developer's website for more information and documentation on both of these programs.
Thank you!

the MoblMsg v1.0 free for Pocket PC

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