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» Moneyharp

Rating: 5/5
Summary: personal money tracker - finger-friendly, easy and powerful

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 .NET CF 1.1

Arrived: Jun 3, 2010
Found under: finance, personal, productivity, money, manager, budget, income

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» Moneyharp Description
Moneyharp is personal money tracker - finger-friendly, easy and powerful

- Everything is finger-friendly!
- Quick start - and you can see your current position or add new record right away.
- Adding new record is clear and straightforward: several taps with your finger and you're done. You can add new tags in-place; and keyboard is finger-friendly too.
- Organize and add/edit/delete any expense, income or payee, and add any number of your custom tags to the record. No limits.
- Reports that clearly show your where the money goes: from the overview you can drill down to transaction. No hassle.
- Filter by anything. As you can run reports on filtered data, this gives you unlimited flexibility and power to find out all hidden secrets of your own expenses.
- Budgets get hold of any kind of spendings (or savings) you want to control.
- Schedule your frequent transactions not to forget them and avoid routine.
- Split transactions.
- Currency conversion with rate history.
- export to Excel

Moneyharp Screenshots

personal money tracker - finger-friendly, easy and powerful personal money tracker - finger-friendly, easy and powerful

personal money tracker - finger-friendly, easy and powerful personal money tracker - finger-friendly, easy and powerful

the Moneyharp free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Thu-27-Sep at 4:57 pm
kuklei wrote...
excellent.commercial grade for free
Wed-8-Feb at 6:01 pm
RUSS wrote...
great app, only one thing i wish it had a way to color code or "check off" entries as they clear my bank
Sat-15-Oct at 5:52 pm
moneyharp wrote...
I'm sorry to announce that Windows Mobile version is not supported any more (though it seems to be running fine anyway;) I have ported Moneyharp to WP7 and released it as Moneyrr - check out
Fri-13-May at 5:43 pm
Tiffany Battle wrote...
Love this app. I've been trying to find where to donate for this. Perfect program for me.
Fri-1-Apr at 3:43 pm
olivia wrote...
The best because a financial tracker must be user- and finger-friendly. It takes me some time to learn the setup but after that it is quite intuitive.
Fri-25-Feb at 9:24 am
Tiffany Battle wrote...
I am loving this program!
Thu-17-Feb at 8:52 pm
wednestay wrote...
i love it,thanks!
Fri-4-Feb at 10:26 am
martinyk wrote...
It works as described. No bug found. It is my default bookkeeper now. :) Good Job.
Wed-26-Jan at 12:17 am
naveen wrote...
excallent program any one can ask for.the best tool for organising the finances, also with multiple accounts.i give 100% to this.
Tue-9-Nov at 2:04 am
Oskar Schoenherr wrote...
Export to qif would be very nice to use datas on PC.

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