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» MoonClock

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Today screen plug-in showing the current moon phase together with a digital clock.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5

Arrived: Apr 19, 2010
Found under: today, screen, plugin, Utilities, clock, moon

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» MoonClock Description
MoonClock is a today screen plug-on which displays the current moon age/phase calculated from the date and time. It also shows a digital clock which could be switched to showing the sunrise/sunset time together with moonrise times. Everything is calculated with a special formula so you don't need to access internet !

After installing, just go to Settings/Today/Items/ to enable/disable the plugin on your today screen !

Options setup guide

1 - Tap and hold over the digital clock to open the context menu.

2 - the first option (A) will toggle between digital clock and sunset/sunrise hours

3 - To access the options, go to /Settings/Today/Items, then select the MoonClock entry and click the "Options" button at the left.

4 - When the options window is active, go to the 4th tab at the bottom to set your geographical coordinates. This will help the app to calculate the sunset/sunrise and moonrise hours !

Device specific downloads



the MoonClock free for Pocket PC

Made by: ZORAC

» Comments

Sun-20-May at 3:04 am
anand kapoor wrote...
Work fine, useful ...
Fri-7-Jan at 8:51 pm
Harvey King wrote...
potentially a good program. but it is in Japanese only si far.
Tue-21-Sep at 3:13 pm
Mr. 417 wrote...
Thanks Mindy for letting me know the latest version has been updated to include english based setup menus. - To download the latest version (1.1.4 at the the time of this post) visit the authors web site at: - Direct Download URLs: VGA/WVGA Windows Mobile 5: & VGA/WVGA Windows Mobile 6:
Sun-8-Aug at 8:02 am
Mindy wrote...
This application is very awesome on Xperia X1! Looks crisp and clean on the today screen. Google the newest version, and its in English. That's the version I have. This version has a bigger clock, the newest version is a little smaller. Highly recommended!
Thu-29-Jul at 2:18 am
Mindy wrote...
This version here is not in English, you just get those 'boxes'. Download the newest version, (Google it!) It works great on my Xperia X1. Awesome program! I also used Mr. 417'a advice; :)
Mon-21-Jun at 5:55 pm
Mr. 417 wrote...
This is a great little today screen plugin. Works like a charm on my Ipaq 211 (WM6) - For the geographical coordinates for your location I recommend: Thanks Zorac for making this useful and interesting today screen plug-in - I assume it uses the internet to update the moons settings although it doesn't say anything about it - The digital clock is a great replacement for the standard WM clock/date - The only thing this program lacks is being in English so you can read everything, hopefully it will be updated to include a English version in the near future.
Sat-19-Jun at 1:15 pm
pnreddygodi wrote...
Sun-13-Jun at 3:09 am
012888311 wrote...
disign best interface
Tue-25-May at 8:26 pm
kevin b wrote...
thanks for the great tool
Sun-23-May at 7:09 am
sk8brding wrote...
Wow, this seriously rocks. Every surfer should download this! THANKS.

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