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» MorseUtil

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: MorseUtil can translate text into Morse code and the reverse

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Mar 30, 2012
Found under: morse, translator, pocket pc, software

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» MorseUtil Description
MorseUtil is an application that automatically translates the text into Morse code. We can also enter Morse code and automatically translated into text. Includes a table to see the signs Morse. New Features: Large morse buttons / Sound option / Copy morse text to Clipboard

the MorseUtil free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Tue-19-Apr at 9:26 am
UtilAplic wrote...
I consider the options: Light, camera and sms. And perhaps in version 3 can include any of these things.
Mon-11-Apr at 9:30 am
htm73 wrote...
sir accept my advice link it to the SMS , to the back-light and to the Camera , it will be much usefull for sending messages by light or SMS , and accepting messages and translating them through the camera or the SMS
Tue-5-Apr at 8:01 pm
XDXDXDDD wrote...
Baya, pero que gran aplicacion, incluso tiene los sonidos...buena aplicacion
Thu-23-Dec at 12:35 pm
UtilAplic wrote...
V2 Version Features - Large morse buttons - Sound option - Copy morse text to Clipboard At the moment, It is not possible link to the back-light. I hope to be ready in a few weeks.
Fri-10-Dec at 9:51 am
htm73 wrote...
as i said before , it needs to be linked to both the back-light and the camera .... to the back-light to send messages . and to the camera to receive messages .
Thu-2-Dec at 10:37 am
htm73 wrote...
It needs to be linked to both the back-light and the camera... to the light , to be able to send to the camera , to be able to receive
Mon-29-Nov at 2:32 am
Angelo Troedhan wrote...
Can You link the text-into-morse-code also to the Flash-lamp in Your app so that an optical interface for morsing is available ?
Thu-25-Nov at 8:59 am
UtilAplic wrote...
MorseUtil is at the bottom of the webpage Currently only works with the screen. Maybe soon we can add sound to a new version
Wed-24-Nov at 3:25 pm
TekServer wrote...
Download link delivers "UtiliCalc" (which is WAY to tiny to use on my HTC Diamond) instead of "MorseCalc". Also, question: does it just translate to Morse on the screen, or will it make the audible Morse beeps? :)

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