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» MortgageCALC

Rating: 5/5
Summary: A free loan calculator for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6
.NET Compact Framework 2.0

Arrived: Oct 30, 2008
Found under: Productivity, money, calculators, loan, expense, income, finance

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» MortgageCALC Description
MortgageCALC is a free loan calculator for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone

Using MortgageCALC on your Windows Mobile Smartphone or PocketPC you can quickly establish the affordability of major asset purchases.

MortgageCALC has a simplified and intuitive user interface.

Has many options to tailor calculations, such as:
*Interest compounding periods options of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual
*Repayment frequency option of Monthly, Weekly, Fortnightly, Semi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annually. *Interest only calculations.
*Amortization calculations,
*Graphing of amortization calculations,
*Loan comparisons,

the MortgageCALC free for Pocket PC

Made by: gm_fisher

» Comments

Mon-4-Jul at 7:46 pm
likemalls wrote...
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Sat-1-May at 6:11 am
joey raad wrote...
Fri-30-Oct at 5:56 am
Chuck wrote...
This calculator is spot on. Doesn\'t Work @ March 1st 2009 got it wrong! He/she has input annual compounding of Interest, when it should have been left at monthly. Best loan calculator I have seen on a phone. Great work.
Fri-15-May at 8:50 am
Duncan wrote...
As a real estate professional, it's nice to be able to give a quick estimate to clients while you're out with them. Even if this isn't 100% accurate (the Doean't Work example above is still 98.7% accurate) my clients still need to check with a mortgage professional anyway - so this is great for me.
Sun-22-Mar at 1:25 am
jim wrote...
This is the gayest software ever. if you can't either 1) do this on your own 2) do this via an online mortgage calculator 3) wait to do this any other time other than on your phone then you are a fuckin moron.
Tue-10-Mar at 4:21 pm
joew wrote...
yes, it does work and it works just fine. a very nice little program. most importantly, it's free! thanks.
Sun-1-Mar at 9:05 am
Does Work wrote...
The calculator does work. The Rate field has to be set to monthly.
Sun-1-Mar at 8:58 am
Doesn\'t Work wrote...
The calculations for derived by this mortgage calculator is wrong. Take for example a loan of $240,000 @ 5.00% for 30 Years. MortgageCALC calculates a payment of $1272.13, which is wrong. The true payment should be $1288.37. I have checked the results from several calculators and they all calculate a payment of $1288.37. MortgageCALC is the only one that calculates the payment differently.
Thu-18-Dec at 4:45 am
sagar wrote...
its nice
Sat-6-Dec at 2:35 am
kennedy wrote...
i hope i like this software

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