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» MortPlayer 3.2

Rating: 5/5
Summary: MP3/Ogg player with lots of features like full Skin support and Changer Mode!

PocketPC 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 (SE)

Arrived: Feb 11, 2005
Found under: Music, Media Players

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» MortPlayer 3.2 Description

MortPlayer is an MP3/Ogg player which is optimized for the needs on a Pocket PC.
It is Open Source (GPL), i.e., you can use it without paying. The source code is available at my page.
If you like it, I'd be grateful for a small (or big ;)) donation:

Since pictures tell more than words, first some screenshots (scroll down for feature list):
Some alternative Skins:

Some other screenshots:

Main features are
  • All basic functions
  • Support of MP2, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and WAV
  • Streaming support (Shoutcast and http)
  • Equalizer (only MP3), sound effects
  • Bookmarks (memorize positions in songs or audio books)
  • Big screen buttons, easy to tap with your finger (at least in most Skins)
  • Assignable hardware buttons (all buttons, almost every function)
  • Screen saver (switch off display after some time or on button press) with optional button lock
  • Fall asleep timer and alarm clock
  • Optional volume change after start and exit
  • Automatical pause when doing a call (Phone Edition)
  • Display of ID3 (V1.0-V2.3) and Ogg tag informations (track name, artist, album, year, track no., cover), as well as external cover images per track or path
  • Easy switching between selected playlists and/or directories ("Favorites").
  • In "Changer Mode", it works like a CD changer or MP3 car radio. If a path/playlist is finished, it switches to the following
  • A lot of special shuffle and repeat modes, esp. in Changer Mode. For example: Stop after track, Repeat list, Shuffle all (files across all selected paths/playlists), etc.
  • Support of WinAmp and MediaPlayer playlists (M3U, PLS, ASX, read only)
  • Native playlists (MPL, read and write)
  • Simple file selection when adding new files
  • Skin support with freely placeable screen elements and even player window
  • Multiple Screens (Easily switchable displays contained in one Skin)
  • File assosations (start with double click on e.g. an MP3 file in explorer)
  • Selectable startup action (Changer Mode, recent playlist, update playlist, continue last track from position, ...), repeat and shuffle mode
  • And many more settings
Look at the screenshots, skins, and documentation at the web page for more informations.

A plug in for your Today screen is to be found here.

the MortPlayer 3.2 free for Pocket PC

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